Friday’s Fetish: bathroom chandeliers

When I think chandelier I think ‘statement hallway’, ‘living room focal point’ or ‘ulitmate boudoir chic’, but I rarely think to pop one in the bathroom (maybe it’s because mine’s soo teeny!). However, I’ve been noticing a new wave in bathroom chandeliers and i’m starting to really want one – I don’t really need electricity this month, right?!

Here’s some gorgeous ones i’ve found on simplygrove – they’re chic, they’re striking and they’ll cover all MANNER of schemes!

roomenevy - sunny cloakroom chandelier

roomenevy - sunny cloakroom chandelier

Bubble and …. sleek, this bathroom chandelier has got to be my favourite.

roomenvy - balloon bathroom chandelier

roomenvy - balloon bathroom chandelier

This attic bathroom is pure lust-worthy!

roomenvy - starry skies attic bathroom

roomenvy - starry skies attic bathroom

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3 Responses to “Friday’s Fetish: bathroom chandeliers”

  1. Lauren Says:

    The balloon one doesn’t even look like a chandelier! The last one is my favorite. The sky blue and the star shape work well together. (The claw foot tub is a dream as well)

  2. smarty Says:

    All the chandeliers are looking great.Most of all balloon chandelier is amazing..

  3. Bathroom design ideas – the good, the bad and the ugly! « roomenvy Says:

    […] do love a bathroom chandelier, but I’d just feel uncomfortable with minions serving me grapes – oh? Is that not a […]

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