Can I come in? Hugh Jackman’s home

Or should I put this under the category of ‘Lunchtime Lust‘? It’s hard to describe how I felt when I saw these  pictures of Hugh Jackman‘s home on Luxist, but the word ‘faint’ may paint a reasonable picture … and then of course there were my thoughts on the decorating style.

Of course, I’d need to run around this modern minimalist pad with some country-style accessories; paint a couple of walls in bright fuchsia; and let’s face it, choose some sort of blinds, but to be honest, Hugh Jackman could live in a shoe box and I’d be just as happy. No honestly.

roomenvy - lustful living room

roomenvy - lustful living room

Makes looking out of the window and seeing your strange neighbour in his dressing gown somewhat worse, doesn’t it?

roomenvy - star-studded bedroom

roomenvy - star-studded bedroom

I am actually lost for words … oh, hang on, expect for two – ‘colourful’ and ‘cushions’.

roomenvy - white minimalist kitchen

roomenvy - white minimalist kitchen

Apparently Hugh Jackman‘s a fantastic cook – I mean give my heartrate a CHANCE!

roomenvy - hotel-chic bathroom

roomenvy - hotel-chic bathroom

Well at least he’s sensibly installed a window screen in this room – although i’m sure there were a lot of disappointed faces along the Hudson River.

roomenvy - sexy spiral staircase

roomenvy - sexy spiral staircase

Pretty much mirroring my mindset at this point.

roomenvy - massive wine cellar

roomenvy - massive wine cellar

And we share a mutual love of wine? Honestly Hugh, it’s meant to be.

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27 Responses to “Can I come in? Hugh Jackman’s home”

  1. Beth Says:

    Phew! Look at all that wine! I’ll come round and help you drink it Hugh…

  2. Rachel Says:

    I think Hugh is gorgeous, but his house is far too white for me. He would have to come to mine!

  3. Aamir Ali Says:

    gd evening whats up

  4. aamir ali Says:

    Now again it’s been a long time since we meet isn’t it

  5. aamir ali Says:

    now i m online please chatting with me please

  6. aamir ali Says:

    gd mrng sir wts up??????????

  7. aamir ali Says:

    by d way today i m free dat’s y i m chatting with u full time okay

  8. aamir ali Says:

    okay do u know i don’t know y bt no leave it forget dis matter by d way day before yesterday i got prints of ur pictures nd i wrote it daily something behind ur pictiures

  9. aamir ali Says:

    oh no now i hv to go my boss calling me urgently i extremely apologise for that i m so soooooooooorrrrryyyyyyyy sir , i must go hv a gd day sir

  10. Aamir Ali Says:

    helllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! can i come in ur home for a cup of coffe??????????

  11. Aamir Ali Says:

    by d way whr r u ???????? r u busy in ur 5th x-men shooting?????????? if u r, than i don’t want to disturb u because u r very workhard man isn’t it!!!!!

  12. Aamir Ali Says:

    I don’t understand wtever i wrote everything is mess up ? y does dis always happens with me??

  13. Aamir Ali Says:

    do u know i can come there for doing M.C.A If my parents will permission for going there than i can come otherwise i m not sure bcs i want come there i wanna be meeting for u

  14. Aamir Ali Says:

    okkkkay I must go home bcs now i m in d office okkkkkkkkaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy gd bye sweet dream hv nice day for every day I don’t know dat u r read my msgs or not.

  15. Aamir Ali Says:

    now my all msgs r back which was i sent u.

  16. Aamir Ali Says:

    do u know i want to animation course like cartoons bcs i lkke that but my mom wants to see become a computer engeenier and i hv to do that bcs my mom wants that

  17. Aamir Ali Says:

    i m pursuing BCA after that i ll do MCA forget about me, u tell about urself hows ur life ???? I know ur life is so good even then i was jst asking.

  18. Aamir Ali Says:

    do u know yesterday I was given interview for job this job is realaated to computer like computer operater , nd the result I ll get that tommorow I m so stress dat, what if tommorow.

  19. Aamir Ali Says:

    there today is sunday cause of that i m talking with u by d way sorry how can i forget do u know i’ve got the msg from infotech solution this co. get talk about for job for like us noe i have experience of computer hardware engeeniring last 6 months .

  20. Aamir Ali Says:

    o.k now i have to go we will meet u soon okay have a good day nd I pray for u that ur future is bright , loveble, happiness. okay good to see u

  21. Aamir Ali Says:

    u know wt ur new film is coming in star movie which is Australia nd i m so exicted for that by d way ur all films i want to see bt there r not available don’t worry whereever it is i ll get ur all movies

  22. Aamir Ali Says:

    today I’ve purchased a t-shirt now i ll draw ur cartoon picture on that not now because now i have to buy colors, brush etc……

  23. Aamir Ali Says:

    today i have taken roza Do u know roza and ramzan ?????????????

  24. Aamir Ali Says:

    roza in these days we cannot eat nd drink anything its a 1 month duty which is in we are alots of pray for god.

  25. Aamir ali Says:

    hi this is aamir i m comin agian

  26. Otaku House » Hugh Jackman at New York Mini Qee DIY Show Says:

    […] more of the house here: Can I come into Hugh Jackman’s home? Huge Jackman goes house hunting […]

  27. Aamir Ali Says:

    i did see ur new wall papers in that wall paper u look like so young as u on that time when ur first part of X-men was coming

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