Can I come in? Penelope Cruz’s home

I always thought Penelope Cruz had taste? (Hmmmm, actually, I forgot about Tom Cruise…) Now I admit that this large LA pad is – especially in comparison to my teeny tiny flat – somewhat fantastic (the pool alone is enough to make my mouth water) … although I must say the interior décor is just not my style at all.

roomenvy - Penelope Cruz's swimming pool

roomenvy - Penelope Cruz's swimming pool

The kitchen is too dark for me, and a bit dated, I really don’t like the dining chairs, and the garden room looks like it’s been decorated with four large shabby hair extensions!

roomenvy - dated kitchen

roomenvy - dated kitchen

roomenvy - dining room

roomenvy - dining room

roomenvy - garden room

roomenvy - garden room

But the outdoor day beds? Oh how I LOVE the outdoor day beds! … ok, fine, I’ll sail my ears.

roomenvy - glamorous garden daybeds

roomenvy - glamorous garden daybeds

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3 Responses to “Can I come in? Penelope Cruz’s home”

  1. jo Says:

    Clearly Pen has not unleashed her interior decorator on this yet!! The dining room chairs!!

  2. Hannah Says:

    The pool is amazing, I can just see myself sat reading a may and lounging on the large outdoor bed, with a cocktail as well! The interior is really boring though! I thought she’d have more taste!

  3. Catherine Says:

    I agree. Exterior is great. Interior not so great.

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