Toy Story 3 – boys’ bedroom ideas

Hmmmmmmm, anyone guess what I’m going to see at the cinema tonight? I’m so excited about Toy Story 3 and chatting about Andy’s bedroom still counts as work, right?

Here’s how to get the look … unfortunately it goes against my rules for kids room decorating.

1) Andy’s lovely mum has gone for a bright wallpaper all over the boy’s bedroom scheme, but this might prove a problem when Andy grows up (which apparently he has, sniff sniff) and starts bringing home girls. Keep the walls neutral so it can be updated.

2) Bright furniture like this can look garish in the real world. To add colour, choose bright bedlinens (or the fantastic duvet set we’re raving about on Housetohome) and accessories (psssst check out this photo gallery of the best Toy Story 3 accessories).

3) Create a work zone. Whether it’s for Andy when he finally stops playing with his toys, or for Buzz and Woody to call a meeting.

roomenvy - Andy's bedroom - Toy Story 3

roomenvy - Andy's bedroom - Toy Story 3

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6 Responses to “Toy Story 3 – boys’ bedroom ideas”

  1. girlwithaspade Says:

    Wow, love this bedroom – I wonder where the cloud wallpaper is from? My little boy would love this. What a great blog BTW!

  2. Juan Says:


    We are expecting our first child for march next year and as a big toy and Toy Story fan I wanted to paint the room for the baby to simulate Andy’s room.
    We already have wooden floor, and I was planning to add the white wood application on the walls and paint the blue sky white clouds scheme.

    We are also slowly buying all the collection of 1/1 scale toy story toys to complete the decoration.

    Any insights or ideas on what to do and what not to do?

    I know that at some moment, I will have to repaint the whole place again whenever the baby turns into an older child and choose his own theme. That doesn’t worry me at all. I just think having a toy story room would be nice for a baby.

    What do you think?
    Any help or insight would be cool!

    Thanks a lot.

    • roomenvy Says:

      Wow, congratulations!

      I think the most important thing with kids’ rooms is to keep it timeless and but keep it exciting (and compatible with your child’s interests) with accessories. Toy Story is everywhere this year, and expect BAGS of accessories and soft furnishings on the high street by Christmas.

      With wooden floor and a sky blue cloud theme, I’d keep the furniture very neutral. I’d go for white or cream-painted furniture, perhaps with wooden accents, like a white-painted desk with a wooden top.

      Another great investment is a large wooden chest to match the floor – it’ll keep all their new toys at bay!

      I hope this helps,


      • Juan Says:

        Thanks a lot Jenny.
        I will be working in this project for the next few months and I will take in consideration your comments. 😀

        We will also definitely get the wooden chest for the toys!

        Thanks for your Reply.


  3. vicki Says:

    HI, I really need help, Im trying to find somewhere that sells the clouds wallpaper as in andys bedroom in toy story. My boy has shared with his younger sister and always had to have a whte neutral bedroom, now we are moving house he has a room of his own & to make it all more exciting & not so scary I really want to recreate Andys room and give him a toy story themed bedroom. He aready ha sthe toddler bed/ furniture etc and I have a few wall stickers to put up but I would really love to get the clouds wallpaper. do you have any idea where I could get hold of it?

    Many Thanks!

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