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Mellow yellow bathroom splashback

February 28, 2011

One of the biggest trends for summer that I keep seeing time and time again is neon, bright colours being used as accents in an otherwise neutral room. After seeing so much orange around (remember this?) it’s nice to see that yellow is making an appearance too.

coloured glass splashback bathroom | bathroom design ideas | bathroom decorating ideas | budget bathroom ideas

I would LOVE these basins in my bathroom...

Which is why this bathroom snapshot caught my eye earlier today. Statement basins are a great way of creating a feature out of something usually so ordinary and mundane, and nothing screams luxury like a glass splashback. What I love about this is, in fact, it’s a bit of a steal rather than a spending spree kind of room – that splashback is actually perspex, painted to look like expensive coloured glass. Bargain!

You snooze, you lose?

February 23, 2011

I’ll admit to something: this morning, I really, really didn’t want to leave my bed. Who can blame me though – cold, rainy, being crammed on the tube on the way to work – it’s a good job I get to browse through lots of lovely rooms for a sizeable chunk of the day or I would be in a permanently bad mood when I get into the office! When I’m squeezed into a carriage on the Northern line and am pining for my bed, I do tend to browse bedrooms over my coffee when I actually get into the office.

Dark modern bedroom with four poster bed | luxury bedroom ideas | bedroom decorating ideas | modern bedroom ideas | roomenvy

Dark and mysterious - I love it!

I think if I was lucky enough to have a bedroom like this, I would find it even harder to leave it on days like today. Black or nearly black walls are hard to pull off, especially with dark gloss furniture, but this four poster number pulls it off thanks to the crisp white bedding and lovely textures in the carpet, rug and luxe fur throw. I think you could only really make this work in a room with lots of light, otherwise that anglepoise might result in a hideously large electricity bill, but wouldn’t I love to wake up in this every day….

What do you think – beautiful boudoir or too dark and dreary? Let me know in the comments!

Bathrooms and grown-up glamour

February 22, 2011

Perhaps it’s just this cold weather (seriously, when is it going to start getting warmer? It feels like it’s been February FOREVER) but lately I’ve been luxuriating in taking long hot baths whenever I can. Living in a house with no bath for several years, now that I have one again the novelty still hasn’t worn off, and it’s rapidly becoming my new favourite thing. Which is maybe why I seem to be drawn to amazing bathroom pictures at the moment.

Boudoir-style bathroom | opulent bathroom | bathroom ideas | bathroom decorating ideas | roomenvy

Certainly beats taking a cold shower...

This boudoir-style bathroom has really caught my eye. Amazing freestanding tin bath? Check. French-style dressing table? Check. Uber-glam satin finish wallpaper? Check check check. I love the idea of being able to complete my morning beauty routine in that gorgeous mirror as well, but knowing how long it takes me to get ready, I don’t think my housemates would appreciate me taking up the bathroom for hours on end in the morning.

Do you love this as much as I do? Leave a comment and let me know!

Fabulous flappers

February 21, 2011

Is anyone else completely obsessed with Boardwalk Empire at the moment? I can’t get enough of the latest TV offering from across the pond, and like Mad Men before it I’m sure that there’ll soon be a rise in Art Deco and 1920-esque accessories winging their way into room schemes across the land. If like me you love the Prohibition-era drama, you might like this quirky flapper wallpaper I spied in a cloakroom gallery on housetohome earlier today.

Flapper wallpaper | wallpaper ideas | cloakroom ideas | roomenvy

Fabulous, darling!

Yes, it’s dramatic, and a bit Marmite – you’ll either love it (like me) or loathe it – but I think for a feature wall in the smallest room of the house it adds some much-needed humour. Plus the red lips stop it from being too busy and monochrome. Together with the white tiles and dark wood mirror, it’s pretty much perfect.

What do you think – do you love or loathe this wallpaper?

Tuesday blues

February 15, 2011

It’s Tuesday, it’s the day after Valentine’s Day, it’s raining and miserable and I’ve got a touch of the blues. Handy, then that I came across this blue little number earlier on whilst looking for ideas on how to spruce up my pathetic excuse for an ‘office‘ area in my bedroom.

Blue home office | Tuesday blues | home office ideas | decorating ideas | home office decorating | roomenvy

And I'm feeling blue....

I love how saturated with colour this space is, from the subtle tree pattern wallpaper (I admit it, I’m hooked – see previous post) to the co-ordinating magazine holders, desk and even the blue pencils in the blue pencil pot. The sculptural lamp and bin plus the clean lines everywhere else stop the look from being overly focused on the colour. Blue maybe, miserable – never.

The big V Day

February 11, 2011

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you can’t help but notice that the most romantic day of the year is upon us again. That’s right, Valentines Day is but a few days away, and even if you reject it as a commercial holiday designed to make money for the greetings card industry (oh, you unromantic types…) it’s a great opportunity to give your bedroom a bit of va-va-voom. Ther are loads of really quick and easy ways to glam up your boudoir – here are a few five-minute ideas I’ve seen this week.

chaise longue bedroom | Valentine's Day | Valentine's Day ideas | romantic ideas | romantic bedroom | roomenvy

Peeled grapes? Don't mind if I do...

A chaise longue adds instant sex appeal to any room, and I’m loving this purple number. Perfect for being waited on hand and foot by an adoring partner this Valentine’s Day. I love the contrast with the wooden floors, although maybe the curtains are a tad too much.

Fairy lights | Valentine's day bedroom | Valentine's decorating ideas | romantic decorating ideas | roomenvy


As you’ll know after my post the other day, I love orange. And if there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to add some sparkle to your bedroom it’s some cunningly-placed fairy lights. So of course, this headboard-esque display is right up my alley! Grown-up and glam enough for even the most traditional of rooms, it will add some serious mood-lighting to your bedroom.

Japanese-style boudoir | Valentine's day bedroom | Valentine's decorating ideas | romantic decorating ideas | roomenvy

This room has serious sex appeal

A little too much purple perhaps (not really a fan) but love the multiple screen action that’s going on here. The four poster bed is given a new lease of life by using sliding Japanese-style screens rather than hanging drapes so it looks bang up-to-date, plus the dressing area screen is perfect for adding some old-school glamour to proceedings. Again, though, lose the velvet drapes… just too much purple for me.

What do you think? And are you celebrating St Valentine’s this year, or hibernating until the 14th is over and done with?

Into the woods

February 10, 2011

Bathrooms are always a bit of a tricky one, aren’t they? I’m not overly keen on uber-traditional bathrooms but am not really a fan of super-minimalist suites either (I mean, if I can’t clutter it up with millions of different lotions and potions, what’s the point?)

Wood illustration wallpaper | bathroom wallpaper | bathroom ideas | roomenvy

This folk-inspired wallpaper has got me weak at the knees

Which is why I adore this quirky, almost fairy-tale-like bathroom that I found whilst pottering around on Ideal Home earlier. I adore the folksy, hand-drawn quality of the paper, which has been varnished and covered with glass to make sure it doesn’t get water-damaged. Using wallpaper in the bathroom is a big upcoming trend and I love this forest illustration paper – paired with the croc-print bath and rococo cabinet it’s pretty much perfect. I’d like to see a few brighter accessories to stop the room looking quite so cold though.

What do you think? Is this fairy-tale-esque forest wallpaper hot or not?


February 8, 2011

There’s a definite shift in the air at the moment. Maybe it’s all the new season press days that are going on, or even the fact that today we saw actual sunshine all day (unheard of after the gloom and doom of the last few weeks) but I’m feeling a tad on the summery side. Which is probably why I am coveting all things bright and fun right now! All I want is for summer to hurry up and get here so we can crack out the BBQ.

Until then, however, I’m satiating my need for all things bright and summery by checking out the latest trend to come our way this spring, namely splashes of juicy orange. Bhs released pics of their new Tangerine Collection of homewares and furnishings last week and since then I’m coveting the bold and bright pieces, especially this gorgeous pendant lamp.

Tangerine collection from Bhs | new season collection | soft furnishings | roomenvy

This new collection from Bhs is gorgeou

For a slightly more muted take on this juicy trend, however, pairing  dusky tangerine walls with matt white accessories is a guaranteed winner.

Orange and white bedroom | texture | leather bed | new season | roomenvy

Gorgeous or what?

Can’t you imagine just curling up in this bed with a good book? I think it’s the simple range of textures in this room that really does it for me – not too many that it’s overloaded, but just enough to keep it interesting. That big flat expanse of colour could look a little boring if it weren’t for the rug, knitted throw and leather headboard. We popped this up on the housetohome Twitter page this week and it got an almost universal thumbs up from our followers.

If you’re not keen on teaming orange with white, though, you are a little limited in what colours you can pair it with. I’m a little wary of teaming orange and black together (reminds me too much of Halloween costumes!) but I love the way this kitchen-diner‘s used dark metallic teal cupboard doors to offset the tangerine seats and units. Lovely!

orange and teal kitchen | kitche-diner | kitchen inspiration | roomenvy

What do you think of these metallic kitchen units?

What do you think – are you a fan of orange or are you steering clear?

What’s up doc? The Year of the Rabbit, that’s what…

February 3, 2011

I might just have finished getting over one New Year’s Eve party when another great excuse to celebrate has come my way – it’s now officially the Year of the Rabbit!

Chinese New Year is here and we’ve shifted from all the chaos and action of the Year of the Tiger in 2010 to a calmer, more relaxed state of affairs for the rest of the year, according to the Chinese Zodiac. It’s true that the last year has been a pretty busy one, so I’ve been on the hunt for some cool, zen-like rooms with an oriental influence to post.

Chinese-inspired relaxing green room | decorating | decorating advice | roomyenvy

This modern four poster bed has got my pulse racing...

Proving that you don’t necessarily need to splash a full can of red paint around to get an Eastern feel to a room, this almost country-feel bedroom featured on housetohome has really caught my interest. I personally don’t really like the inlaid cabinets (let’s be fair, they have been everywhere for a few years) but in this relaxed setting they look gorgeous. I’m totally coveting the convex mirror/ branch wall ornament combo over the fireplace as well. Even if looking in it in the morning might give me a bit of a shock – fisheye effect anyone?

Moody oriental-inspired dining room

Sophisticated conversation only at this dining table...

The same goes for this glam oriental-inspired dining room. I’m a big fan of the printed fabric panels (mainly because it’s so easy to make some yourself with a wooden frame and fabric remnants, super cheap) and the black laquer chairs offset the dusky colour on the walls perfectly. My only criticism is that the room’s a little dark but some carefully understated low lighting should sort that issue out. I like to think I’d  sit neatly at this table and making witty conversation over dim sum, although the reality is I’d probably be tucking into a takeaway from my local cheap and cheerful Chinese!

Japanese-inspired teak bath | bathroom | bathroom decorating ideas | roomenvy


Finally, how gorgeous is this Japanese-style bath? Looks a bit tricky to get out of, but I bet a soak in this tub would be second to none….

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Lunchtime lust: Bird wallpaper

February 1, 2011

Tweet tweet! Looks like the trend for featuring birds on absolutely everything home-related during 2010 isn’t going anywhere soon if these gorgeous avian wallpaper designs are anything to go by. I have to admit, I am partial to a bird-related design, and I’m especially loving this patriotic sparrow and Union Jack design that was featured on this week. Perfect for adding a touch of cool Britannica to a home office perhaps?

Sparrow and flag wallpaper design | housetohome | gallery

Birds of a Feather wallpaper from B&Q

Best of all, it’s a bargainous £19.98 per roll from B&Q . Amazing. I love the way it sets off the darker wood accents in this cosy country farm-style living room….

Country style living room with bird wallpaper

Love the way this tweet-tacular wallpaper's been used here...

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional you don’t have to discount this trend altogether – as demonstrated by this timeless Laura Ashley design. Country floral? Check. Classic Eau de Nil shade? Check. Super – subtle bird design? Check.

Floral wallpaper | Bird wallpapers | Wallpaper | Wallpaper ideas | Birds | PHOTO GALLERY | Housetohome Summer Palace wallpaper from Laura Ashley

Summer Palace wallpaper from Laura Ashley, £17.64 a roll.

Obviously a whole room in this design may be a little too OTT (and an entire room in this design may be akin to being trapped in a Wedgwood-esque nightmare) but in a country-style kitchen I think it would work well. What a hoot!