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Roll-top baths: the ultimate luxury

June 29, 2011

Roll-top baths – there’s just something about them. To me they ooze decadence, luxury and remind me of a bygone era and I’ve wanted one for as long as I can remember. And, having recently moved into a Victorian terrace that I can call my own, I’m on a mission to include a roll-top bath in my bathroom, no matter what. I admit, my the revamp is a little way off yet, as it’s generally the most expensive room after the kitchen to refurbish, but a little research never did anybody any harm. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail, as the saying goes…

Pretty, feminine and whimsical, this room presses all the right buttons for me. I’ve flirted with the idea of painting my bathroom pink but keep shying away from it as I’m not too sure it sits all that well with my better half. However, this room has brought pink right back into play again. Although the chequered flooring isn’t quite to my taste, I absolutely adore the dainty wire chair – it finishes this room off to a tee.

Now, I don’t normally subscribe to blue bathrooms, purely because it’s the obvious choice and a little too played out in my opinion. However, this room just works and could easily be a bedroom, for example, if you were to take out the bath and vanity unit. I think it also looks less ‘bathroomy’ thanks to the Persian rug-style bathmat, dark wood chairs and ornate wall lights. All three of these items would look equally at home in other rooms in the house.

Copper baths: absolutely stunning but way out of my league price-wise – but we can all dream. There’s not a single thing in this room that I’d change. The terracotta tiles add a rustic, earthy touch and before now, I’d only really considered using them in a kitchen, but in this bathroom they just look so right. The rusty metal chair (I’m a sucker for them!), gets a big thumbs up, and the ladder on which the towels are hung is yet another idea that I’ve earmarked for my own bathroom. If I had this room in my house, I’d never leave it!

Which room is your favourite? Or maybe you think roll-top baths are clichéd and I need to be shown the light with a modern bathroom – let me know your thoughts… Emily

Totally tribal: why I’m loving Ikat prints

June 28, 2011

Floral, romantic style will never date, but occasionally a bold, bright trend comes along that makes me want to ditch the neutrals altogether and embrace eye-catching patterns and tribal colours.

Ikat is a tricky print to pull off, but this exotic style is perfect for summer and looks fabulous when used sparingly. Keeping to one colour palette and teaming it with natural looking accessories makes this one hot trend to watch. An easy way to ease into the look would be to start small and work your way up (there are some great ikat tableware ranges emerging) but if you’re feeling bold, an ikat-pattern would look stunning on a feature wall – check out this aqua blue example.

Now, I have to admit that I am NO fan of mustard, especially teamed with blue, but we’ll ignore that – how amazing would that wallpaper look on one wall of a cool blue and white room? Or used to upcycle an old chest of drawers? Love it.

Of course, if you’re not quite brave enought to paper a wall with the stuff, try taking the print outdoors – this garden room look is now firmly on my radar. I love the idea of putting a mirror outside too – it’s so luxurious! With the ferns and bamboo screens I could just about believe I was in a tropical paradise, rather than a tiny garden in South London.

Are you a fan of the ikat look? Let me know in the comments!

Summer lovin’

June 21, 2011

It’s the longest day of the year today – the summer solstice. The eternal optimist in me is holding out for the season to actually get itself into gear and give us some hot summer weather, which is probably why this gorgeous Indian-summer inspired bedroom has caught my eye.

Jewel tones and florals - two great trends in one

Yes, it’s garish; yes, it’s bright, but there’s something seriously glossy and almost Bollywood-esque about this scheme that makes me want to curl up on that four poster bed and relax during a hot summer day (and hope for someone to bring me some iced tea). I think the clean white lines of the bed break up the room perfectly, so it doesn’t look too overpowering, plus that wallpaper manages to capture the floral and brights trends in one go. Wicker and distressed accessories, like that gorgeous turqouise wardrobe, also add to the overall brash and bold effect. I’ve also been coveting a floral throw for ages, so it’s no wonder that there’s one included here too!

What do you think – too bold and bright, or just right? Let me know in the comments!

Utility love

June 7, 2011

Utility rooms: probably the most neglected room in most houses. You might not think that the room where you mainly sort your smalls and keep your cleaning products warrants a makeover, but if you’re anything like me, a clean and uncluttered space in this room usually leads to generally being cleaner and less cluttered everywhere else in the house (plus it makes the ironing SO much more appealing). Hence why this lovely, 50s style utility room idea has caught my eye.

Anyone for cleaning?

That floor! Those taupe walls! It’s the perfect blank canvas to let your accessories do the talking. Kitsch cleaning products and storage are key here, like the cute washing powder tin, and the cream dustbins (much, much nicer and inviting to use than the grey monstrosity currently residing in my kitchen). Country touches like the paper tags attached to the bin handles finish the look without coming across as too rustic.

Keep it simple

A few black and white prints in simple frames is an inexpensive way to add some interest and give the room some personality. I love the way each picture shows what should go into each recycling bin – practical and pretty.

Because we all need reminding now and again

I admit, I’m guilty of not remembering to recycle properly all the time. These wooden letters are another stylish touch, plus will remind you to sort your papers from your plastics. Best of all, this idea doesn’t have to cost the earth – you can find most of the products in these pics by clicking here (those cream bins are just £45 each)

Do you have  a utility room you’re thinking of upgrading? What do you do in your house to recycle? Let me know in the comments