Losing my religion?

Pull up a pew (excuse the pun) and take a look at this regal-looking dining room, part of a glamorous converted church. Just imagine for one minute, that this is your home, and you’re welcoming your friends and family in. Light floods through the original stained-glass windows and a large bespoke table caters happily for dinner guests.

This may not be your average dining room, but if there was ever a room to envy, this is it. I love the ornate backs on the velvet-upholstered chairs, and the antique grandfather clock that adds to the regal presence of the room. The furniture has been kept traditional, with a nod to the age of the church – it just goes to show that a period property doesn’t always look better filled with modern pieces.

Do you love or loathe this scheme? Would you like to live in a converted church and if so, how would you decorate it? We’d love to hear your suggestions…




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2 Responses to “Losing my religion?”

  1. sheena Says:

    I love it I think it would be amazing living in a church all that history (probably wouldnt want to know all that went on there lol).. great post I love antique furniture and think a healthy combination of old and new is best

  2. randywornhole Says:

    I would love to live in a converted church, I missed out buying one in my hometown back in the early 1980’s by one day. It was going for £5000, an absolute steal. This was back when converted churches were relatively unheard of. It was duly converted into lots of tiny little apartments.
    I’d have designed a mixed theme, bringing both modern and traditional togther. antuique paintings and rugs with ultra modern furniture.

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