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Bed is calling…

August 24, 2011

Now I know that bright and bold is bang on trend at the moment, but for me, a bedroom is all about simplicity. For example, this scheme certainly has no frills, but the pretty bedlinen (Escada at Harrods), really ups this room’s va va voom. Teamed with a modern tulip-style table and old-fashioned gilt coatstand, it reminds me of an elegant Parisian apartment.

No clutter apart from a few choice items on the table, no artwork, no rug. Just pale taupe-coloured walls and an evocative bed that calls out to be snuggled up in.


Breakfast bar blues

August 17, 2011

I love my kitchen. It’s big (always good), green (one of my favourite colours), and has a range cooker (win!). But, if there’s one more thing that would make my kitchen complete, it’s a breakfast bar. The room is almost split into two sections, with cabinets running round most of the walls (a quick drawing below gives you an idea of the layout of my kitchen), and no place lends itself as the right area for a breakfast bar.

Oh well, I’ll just swoon over what I’d like in an ideal world instead…

So pretty, so simple – I’m loving the tongue-and-groove and the rustic stools

The mix of classic touches (crook-style tap, pendant lights and stove-top kettle) with retro-style accents (metal stools and Fifties wall clock) is a winner in my book!

The metro tiles and, cool old weighting scales and mad bar stools make this room for me. Emily

Cosy conservatory

August 5, 2011

Not so much room envy as ‘conservatory‘ envy, what don’t I love about this space? From the stable-style door to the bare brick on the wall, this dining area screams relaxing, comfortable conservatory chic.  The glass vaulted roof ensures it’s nice and light and a palette of cream and green makes it easy on the eye.

Would I like this room? You betcha!

Do you have a conservatory that you’ve decorated to ’25 Beautiful Homes’ standard? If so, tell us what you’ve done and how it compares with this picture.


Swingin’ Sixties bedroom

August 3, 2011

As I slowly but surely decorate my house – a Victorian end-of-terrace – I’m always on the lookout for inspiration. The next room on my radar is the spare bedroom, which has been built into the attic. Unlike most attic rooms, it’s spacious and bright and benefits from lots of natural light, so I’ve decided to take advantage of this and be bold – it’s all too easy to paint a room white or cream in my opinion…

Laurie, our deputy chief sub, knows I love all things retro, as well as bright colours and punchy prints. “I’ve found some orange and red stripey wallpaper – you’ll love it!” or “lime green table lamps? I’ll just email those to Em…” Which is why this gorgeous, Sixties-inspired upholstered bed and green walls hit the spot for me. I couldn’t help but wake up with a smile on my face each morning if this was my bed. Just got to convince the other half now, and I have a back-up plan if he’s not sold: the same geometric print, but on the walls and soft furnishings instead.

I almost prefer this, as I think the blue adds another dimension. Not sure about the decorative pineapples on the bedside table, though… They’re a bit much – even for me! Emily

Bungalow with a difference

August 1, 2011

Don’t judge a book by the cover, as the saying goes. When I saw the exterior of this bungalow in the September ’11 issue of 25BH I didn’t hold out hope of it offering much out of the ordinary. But step over the threshold and prepare to be surprised! For one thing, it’s like the proverbial Tardis, which shows what knocking down a few walls can do. It’s even got a chill-out room in the basement. I must admit, I’ve always tended to think of bungalows as being mainly for the, ahem, slightly older occupant, but this is a family home with stacks of life plus quirky features inside and outside. One of the most impressive aspects, though, is the interior’s a mix of old and new – grandma’s dining table right next to a modular suite. But I think it all works because it reflects the family’s tastes and personalities – and isn’t that what we all want out of a home?

The old and the new...

...and the bedroom's got a modern outlook, too!