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Colour clash!

October 24, 2011

It’s that time again. We’ve got the paint swatches out in readiness for a living room makeover and there’s bad feeling in the air. The room’s desperately in need of a facelift and frankly, anything would be an improvement. But my wife’s insisting on coordinating it to the max – which basically seems to mean play safe and go for subtle shades. Whereas I say be brave and choose a paint colour or wallpaper design in the same way we do a piece of furniture, because we love it for itself. Be loud, be proud! Check out these pics and tell me which way you lean.

Incredibly cool or downright colourless?

Good impression or tasteless tat?

On second thoughts, maybe my wife has a point…

Seán O

Bathed in style

October 18, 2011

My bathroom hasn’t been updated since the 1930s. It’s big, but old, tired, dated… you name it. So, while browsing the net for ideas on how I could ‘fabulise’ it (you can thank interior designer Gordon Whistance for my new word), I spotted this design by Ripples and spent several luxurious moments imagining it was mine.

Most of us, it’s safe to say, aren’t lucky enough to have a room of this size, but we can still make the most of what we’ve got – and where better to get some inspiration than bathrooms like this? To me, it captures the essence of everything a true bathroom should be. Practical (think double basin, room to move and space for products), elegant (who WOULDN’T like a roll-type bath such as this to sink into?) and gorgeously stylish (mood lighting, modern fittings and deliciously stunning mosaic tiles).

Do any of you have a bathroom that you consider a room worthy of envying? Let us know…