The holidays are coming…

I couldn’t be more excited that Christmas is coming and I’ve already started thinking about how best to decorate each of my rooms. Today I stumbled across this cosy Christmas retreat, which I think is an excellent way of showing what can be done with a setting. Traditional, warm and elegant, all at once. Even the tinsel suits the setting, wrapped around the large candelabra, with matching candles on the table. My favourite part of the room? The gorgeous chest full of drawers at the back left. What are you planning for your Christmas table this year? Any ideas for decorating your rooms? Let us know…


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One Response to “The holidays are coming…”

  1. Connie@Connie Nikiforoff Designs Says:

    Unfortunately we won’t be doing any Xmas decorating this year…but fortunately it’s because we’ll be in the process of packing and moving to a new house! So we’re excited. And then next year, it’ll be wonderful to put up a huge tree in the living room at the new place. That room in the photo does looks so warm and inviting!

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