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Tis the season!

December 14, 2011

How many times so far this year have you heard ‘Got the spirit yet?’ The answer is almost always ‘no’ but do you know what, I’ve got the Xmas spirit. Maybe it’s the result of going to the Christmas party yesterday afternoon but I’m more than happy to indulge myself with mince pies and carols – and festive images like these only add to the mood. Have you got the Xmas spirit yet? Answers on a postcard please – or just give me some feedback!

A touch of Scandinavian...

...or reds in abundance


Wall of fame

December 12, 2011

Wallpaper has never been so popular. From stripes and metallics to bold damasks and florals, there’s been a real surge in sales and, it seems, creativeness, as more and more innovative designs hit the shops. If you’re not a wallpaper fan and don’t like the idea of one feature wall, let alone covering all four, why not try using wallpaper in a different way? You could, for example, display paper within a frame, or cover a canvas or three to hang on the walls? Or, why not paper above a picture rail, or the back of a bookshelf? The options are endless.

Here are three unique looks, all of which appeal to me for different reasons…

You only need a small panel of this Marilyn paper (£19.95 a roll, Galerie Wallcoverings) to make a statement and add a hit of pure Hollywood glamour. I love the black-and-white print, and teamed with grey walls and bright yellow accessories, it certainly stands out.

This wallpaper (the Camilla collection, from £20.95 a roll, Grandeco Wallcoverings) has a dramatic red floral print that adds colour and depth to a large expanse of wall and works beautifully in this traditional setting. What better way to make a high-ceilinged room feel more cosy?

This Scandi-style room uses textured-look wallpaper  (Livingstones Collection, from £25.95 a roll, Grandeco Wallcoverings) that instead of catching the eye, works well to blend in with the neutral colour scheme.

Which of the three looks would you go for?  Let us know…


Cool colour?

December 7, 2011

Doing the rounds of Spring/Summer press shows, you can’t help but notice the repetition in trends in interiors. So I’ll state the blindingly obvious – colour is cool. Again. More importantly, doing your own thing with colour is cool – I’ve always admired those who go with gut feeling and use colours that make them happy. I always err on the side of safety – maybe there’s some Scandinavian in me – but strangely, it’s extreme schemes that seem to inspire me. In January’s 25BH (just out!) there’s one particular home, owned by Saxon and Gordon, that shouts it out, loud and proud. Primaries everywhere, from furniture to furnishings to accessories – why does it work so well? According to Saxon, they’re “drawn to objects that add a bit of soul to our home.” Well, it works for me.
And talking of which, we here at 25BH would like to know what works for you, so if you have 5 mins to spare, why not do our online survey and tell us what you think of the mag and help us to get it looking even better. You can win a prize in the process!


Colour, colour, everywhere...