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Head’s up on bedroom style

January 25, 2012

I have a friend who somewhat honestly admits to being fickle when it comes to decor. Having asked her husband to rewallpaper a feature wall in their bedroom for the upteenth time, he suggested (rather resignedly) that he attach a sheet of MDF as a headboard behind the bed and wallpaper that instead – somewhat easier than redoing a whole wall the next time she discovers a new must-have design or pattern.

That got me thinking about how easy it is to be creative with a headboard – there’s so much scope for imagination, from paint effects, upholstered foam, wallpaper and anything your heart desires.

Ideal for open-plan bedrooms, a divider can be decorated however you choose

Why not take the headboard right up to the ceiling as in this Hill House Interiors scheme?

A wood surround with an upholstered interior makes a luxurious backdrop

This modern scheme from Hill House Interiors shows the headboard colours reflected in the blind fabric

You can find more bedroom ideas at Housetohome

Which one is your favourite? We’d love to know of any ideas you’ve come up with.



Rooms with attitude

January 18, 2012

New year, new dilemmas. Like how to decorate your teenage boys’ bedroom in a way that meets with their approval. The easy way out is to paint everything in black, with matching rug and bedclothes. But when the lightbulb blew you’d never find them! So why not go against your better instincts, forget all proper colour and plump for grey. Ok, it’s dull to you, but it’s cool to them. Check out youngsters’ rooms on housetohome. Forget expensive shelving units (I’d give them  three years max) and go shopping at your friendly Swedish megastore for all this kind of stuff. All seems quite unimaginative, but the end of the day (when they really should be asleep anyway) they’ll spend most of the time glaring at a screen with thumbs waggling a controller. Or making a racket with that electric guitar. So why fret about colour schemes – keep it simple, I say. Now to convince my wife…

Seán O

A clean and tidy boys' room – it'll never last...



Banish those New Year blues!

January 9, 2012

How depressing is it when you have to finally dismantle the tree and take down the decorations? Very! Ok, it declutters the place and gives you back the precious space that your 6ft (wide!) fir took up, but the place looks so bare (bit like the tree). So how do you add some warmth to the room again? Well burning the tree is a start – especially if you’ve got a real fire, like me :-)  – but the other answer is obvious: bring in some more plants for that Winter/Spring look. Do that and you’ve got the colour, you’ve got the smells, you’ve got the cost… Forget the last bit, the expense is well worth it!  Check out this selection of 10 top indoor plants on  If you still need convincing, check out these rooms from February’s 25BH and you’ll be, ahem, green with envy…

Seán O

Subtly coloured lilies...

...or verdant ferns