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Creating a home with a heart…

April 30, 2012

I hate clutter and unnecessary things (what are cushions for, exactly?) and already having a sofa and two decent-sized chairs I was slightly resistant to buying an extra sofa. But a couple of months back my wife persuaded me that a 33% sale at Laura Ashley couldn’t go ignored. Having friends round at the weekend made me glad I succumbed – what a lovely thing to have everyone gathered round, with a real fire as the focal point. Yep, I’m going on about the fire again but the winds tore down two big branches of the massive firry, piney type of tree in the front garden, which was just the excuse I needed to get out the axe and start a (rather smoky) fire. Anyway, my point being that in a sitting room, arranging furniture around a focal point gives it a heart and the more inward facing it is, the more sociable it encourages us to be.

Seán O

A room made for conversation...

Who needs summer?

April 27, 2012

They keep telling us summer’s round the corner but do we believe ’em? No! To be honest, I don’t mind the lack of sunshine and constant rain as it just gives me good reason to keep lighting the fire. There’s nothing quite like the sight, sound and smell of crackling logs for creating a cosy feel in a living room.

Seán O

Keep the home fire burning...

Beautiful Bathrooms

April 25, 2012

What is a bathroom to you? Purely functional, or somewhere to relax and unwind? For some (and I’m talking about my other half here) it’s just another room for gadgets… underfloor heating, LED taps, showers with steam functions and of course, a waterproof TV. Currently embarking on a bathroom revamp ourselves, I was pleased to discover that incorporating the latest technology doesn’t have to mean your bathroom can’t be beautiful too, as this scheme, complete with  TV and fire, depicts. Let us know what you think…


Feature walls – who doesn’t love ’em?

April 23, 2012

When is a feature wall not a feature wall? I guess it’s when its not screaming out ‘Look at me!’  Just looking through 25BHs latest gallery of feature walls, they come in all manner of styles and they’re not all in your face. But whether you’re using a wacky wallpaper for that wow factor when you enter a room or just want to add a different paint colour to make a room less samey, they all make a statement.
Seán O 

Sneak autumn/winter preview…

April 20, 2012

The Autumn/Winter ’12 shows are kicking off and yesterday was the Bhs collection. Trends include East Village, Graffiti, and Illuminate but I was most impressed with the Skandi-themed stuff – it’s simply styled but distinctive in looks. And you can rely on good old Bhs to have an original array of lighting, too.

Distinctly Skandi...

Rest awhile, Skandi style

Dining stuff that’s good enough to eat

Table Envy

April 18, 2012

Now I know that I showed you some great hallway examples not so long ago, but I couldn’t resist blogging about this little beauty. Taken from one of our upcoming homes in the June issue of 25 Beautiful Homes (on sale 3rd May – don’t miss it!), I think it’s a great example of how you can make the most of a small space.

There’s a real combination of styles here, but the ornate wooden console table really comes into its own set against such a neutral background.

Love it. Want it.


Starstruck on shower baths

April 16, 2012

Shower baths may not seem the sexiest items when it comes to interiors, but I’m a man so the allure of shiny steel, gleaming glass and fiddly twiddly knobs is always going to appeal. Check out the Cora Ronde – it’s out of this world!

Seán O

Beam me up, Scottie...

Dark and mysterious

April 12, 2012

Not all of us have the space to achieve a bedroom like this, but it’s a great example of how taking your time to really think about your scheme and what look you want to achieve can pay off.

I love the moody, dark tones of this room, with its elegantly draped curtains and period details. There’s just an air of grandeur about it, and the mirrors either side of the bed are a great way to bounce some light around if you have a small, dark room.


In praise of church conversions

April 5, 2012

Now I don’t want to preach, but why don’t all church conversions complement the austere interior with a bit of life and colour? This Hertfordshire home, a 25BH house tour, is daring but respectful to its hallowed surroundings.

Seán O

Respectfully decadent...

Colours – less is more

April 3, 2012

I’m all for a bit (or rather a lot) of colour, but every now and then you see an interior that shows how less can be more. This Suffolk apartment, featuring in the latest 25BH Room Envy house tour  has just the odd dashes of blues here and there and looks perfect combined with a smattering of driftwoody wood (it’s at the seaside, after all).

Seán O

Shades of the seashore...