Sheds and summer houses

The need for a refuge – somewhere a man can firtle around on his own – is a basic instinct (no, not that kind of basic instinct). So when I see images of sheds, summer houses (like the one in this West Sussex home), even old garages, I feel a little flutter. I haven’t got my own refuge at the moment, but I dream of what I’d do if I had. A recording studio to create that hit single that never was. A workshop to mend those bikes that were left to rust in the rain. Somewhere to do a bit of potting, perhaps? Hmm, let’s forget that last one.  So women, when you’re dreaming of that new kitchen extension, spare a thought for ‘im indoors and what he’d like. Plus think of all the benefits of not having a man around the house…

Seán O

The great escape…


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5 Responses to “Sheds and summer houses”

  1. Paula J Cairns Says:

    Speaking of “room envy”… House envy, definitely.

    What kind of interior would this house have?

  2. Summer Houses Says:

    That’s a lovely summer house, I would love to be able to have something of that size in my garden but I think most of us (and even that’s lucky for some) only have space for a much smaller type of summer house or even just a small shed. Still it’s nice to dream about such things 🙂

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