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Blissful bathing

August 1, 2012


What do I like about this bathroom? Firstly, the wallpaper. Not hugely practical maybe, but there’s nothing to say it can’t be used as long as you have a good extractor and don’t get it wet.

Secondly, the glossy black tiles on the bath panel – they appear almost a combination of brick and large mock-croc.

Thirdly the elegant two-drawer unit that would normally be more at home in a bedroom, yet works wonderfully with a glass candelabra placed on top for that extra bit of luxury.

Who says bathrooms have to be boring?


Laid-back bathrooms

May 25, 2012

Desirable though they may look, big bathrooms with tubs stuck in the middle can’t be the most relaxing of places to spend half an hour (make that an hour). I prefer being closed in on three sides, and traditional bathrooms like this hit the spot for me. The encaustic wall tiles provide practicality while the tastefully painted tongue-and-groove adds cosiness. Even the shower curtain adds elegance! Now pass me the loofah…

Seán O


A suitably clean scheme…

Pastel splashes

May 4, 2012

Every day holds new surprises, and today is no different. After seeing pics of Catchpole & Rye’s new summer range of baths I realise I’m more in touch with my feminine side than I ever imagined! The Provence, for example, is pastel yellow – and it’s set against a pretty pink backdrop that would make most men run a mile. But I actually love it – apparently this roll-top design took its inspiration from an antique bath reclaimed from a chateau in France. Marvellous. Wonder what surprises tomorrow has in store?

Seán O

Shades of summer…


Beautiful Bathrooms

April 25, 2012

What is a bathroom to you? Purely functional, or somewhere to relax and unwind? For some (and I’m talking about my other half here) it’s just another room for gadgets… underfloor heating, LED taps, showers with steam functions and of course, a waterproof TV. Currently embarking on a bathroom revamp ourselves, I was pleased to discover that incorporating the latest technology doesn’t have to mean your bathroom can’t be beautiful too, as this scheme, complete with  TV and fire, depicts. Let us know what you think…


Bathed in style

October 18, 2011

My bathroom hasn’t been updated since the 1930s. It’s big, but old, tired, dated… you name it. So, while browsing the net for ideas on how I could ‘fabulise’ it (you can thank interior designer Gordon Whistance for my new word), I spotted this design by Ripples and spent several luxurious moments imagining it was mine.

Most of us, it’s safe to say, aren’t lucky enough to have a room of this size, but we can still make the most of what we’ve got – and where better to get some inspiration than bathrooms like this? To me, it captures the essence of everything a true bathroom should be. Practical (think double basin, room to move and space for products), elegant (who WOULDN’T like a roll-type bath such as this to sink into?) and gorgeously stylish (mood lighting, modern fittings and deliciously stunning mosaic tiles).

Do any of you have a bathroom that you consider a room worthy of envying? Let us know…


Go crazy for colour

July 8, 2011

Much as most of us love a colourful room, it’s usually only the brave that will truly go all out, while the rest of us inject a splash here and there with an accessory or two and feel quite courageous with our efforts. That said, if you can experiment, colour can really help bring your home to life. The Jolly family’s home, featured in the August issue of 25 Beautiful Homes, is a vibrant example of how colour can transform a room.

Perfect pastels

Check out the pretty pastel stripes above the Aga and the hand-painted chairs – easy to do and oh-so-pretty.

Pretty in pink

Not for the faint-hearted, this bright fuchsia bedroom looks spectacular teamed with fresh white.

Fabulous flamingos

Those that know me will appreciate how much I love this room – I’m such a fan of flamingos and this bathroom, with its small hits of bright colour, makes me want to experiment with wall stickers as Alice Jolly has done here.

Bathed in blue

It just goes to show that a bathroom need never be boring again – and it’s not just tiles that can be used to create a colourful effect. Painting the bath and in-frame cupboard doors in the same shade of powdery blue really works well, and it’s easy to get matching accessories (think tiles, rugs and again, a wall sticker).

A jolly house for the Jolly family – we love it!


Roll-top baths: the ultimate luxury

June 29, 2011

Roll-top baths – there’s just something about them. To me they ooze decadence, luxury and remind me of a bygone era and I’ve wanted one for as long as I can remember. And, having recently moved into a Victorian terrace that I can call my own, I’m on a mission to include a roll-top bath in my bathroom, no matter what. I admit, my the revamp is a little way off yet, as it’s generally the most expensive room after the kitchen to refurbish, but a little research never did anybody any harm. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail, as the saying goes…

Pretty, feminine and whimsical, this room presses all the right buttons for me. I’ve flirted with the idea of painting my bathroom pink but keep shying away from it as I’m not too sure it sits all that well with my better half. However, this room has brought pink right back into play again. Although the chequered flooring isn’t quite to my taste, I absolutely adore the dainty wire chair – it finishes this room off to a tee.

Now, I don’t normally subscribe to blue bathrooms, purely because it’s the obvious choice and a little too played out in my opinion. However, this room just works and could easily be a bedroom, for example, if you were to take out the bath and vanity unit. I think it also looks less ‘bathroomy’ thanks to the Persian rug-style bathmat, dark wood chairs and ornate wall lights. All three of these items would look equally at home in other rooms in the house.

Copper baths: absolutely stunning but way out of my league price-wise – but we can all dream. There’s not a single thing in this room that I’d change. The terracotta tiles add a rustic, earthy touch and before now, I’d only really considered using them in a kitchen, but in this bathroom they just look so right. The rusty metal chair (I’m a sucker for them!), gets a big thumbs up, and the ladder on which the towels are hung is yet another idea that I’ve earmarked for my own bathroom. If I had this room in my house, I’d never leave it!

Which room is your favourite? Or maybe you think roll-top baths are clichéd and I need to be shown the light with a modern bathroom – let me know your thoughts… Emily

Bathroom with personality

April 29, 2011

Another lovely find by intern Lucy over on Lucy Likes It, this time a bathroom design from our very own Housetohome site!

eclectic white bathroom

Artfully displayed objects add character

Create a bathroom that is truly your own with an eclectic display of your favourite artwork and knick-knacks. Keep it pared down for a look that says ‘cool and sophisticated’ rather than ‘cluttered and chaotic’!

Colour splash

March 9, 2011

Brights, brights and more brights – if you’re decorating your bathroom, it’s clear there’s only one way to go this summer. I’ve been flicking through bathroom ideas on housetohome for ideas on how to inject a bit of interest into my largely plain, white bathroom, and it seems like the easiest way to give your WC a little TLC is to go for bright and bold accessories. Great if, like me, you’re renting and therefore can’t crack out the paint.

Pink statement bath | freestanding bath ideas | modern bathroom ideas | decorating with colour | roomenvy

Pink to make the boys wink

This pink bath is number one on my lust list. With the white-painted boards and pale walls, this room allows the real star of the show to shine through. I know pink isn’t to everyone’s tastes, but this idea would work equally well in teal, yellow, orange… whatever colour tickles your fancy.

Red minimalist bathroom | bathroom decorating ideas | bright bathroom ideas | bathroom colour schemes | roomenvy

Bold colour + texture = gorgeous

This deep-sided bath is also high up on my bathroom wishlist, coming a close second to the pink number above. The mix of textures and tones of red and orange add a warm, lived-in touch to what could be a rather stark, cold room. Room screens are a great way of adding some privacy to open plan ensuites too – the fretwork on this one makes it a feature in its own right.

Clever coloured storage | bathroom storage ideas | bright bathroom ideas | roomenvy

Great idea - why not update an old cabinet?

Finally, think about using colour in unusual ways, like on the inside of cabinets. This plain cabinet has been brought to life by stencilling on a pattern, then reversing it on the inside – unexpected, and really effective.

What do you think – which of these is your favourite?

Mellow yellow bathroom splashback

February 28, 2011

One of the biggest trends for summer that I keep seeing time and time again is neon, bright colours being used as accents in an otherwise neutral room. After seeing so much orange around (remember this?) it’s nice to see that yellow is making an appearance too.

coloured glass splashback bathroom | bathroom design ideas | bathroom decorating ideas | budget bathroom ideas

I would LOVE these basins in my bathroom...

Which is why this bathroom snapshot caught my eye earlier today. Statement basins are a great way of creating a feature out of something usually so ordinary and mundane, and nothing screams luxury like a glass splashback. What I love about this is, in fact, it’s a bit of a steal rather than a spending spree kind of room – that splashback is actually perspex, painted to look like expensive coloured glass. Bargain!