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Lighting with an edge

July 12, 2011

Of all the press releases we receive here in the 25BH office, there’s a particular one that always makes me hanker for my own separate pad (while keeping my family home, of course) – a place where fluffy cushions would be banned. The press release in question is the monthly update from Trainspotters, a specialist dealer in reclaimed industrial lighting and salvage. And the items that always capture my imagination are the lampshades. Yes, lampshades – how unmanly is that? But these lights are a shade different…

Check out and you’ll find some amazing stuff – from old theatrical spotlights to post-war Eastern Bloc designs. Just looking at some of these old designs makes me realise how much they’ve shaped the designs of the present – check out the Industrial Pendants above and compare them with the famous Flos Fuscias

True, if it’s in a stark setting, this kind of thing can all look a little bit austere and, well, industrial, but take enamelled post-war lampshades and put them in a modern home and they create a unique look.