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Let there be light!

February 1, 2012

I love everything about this time of year. The cold (believe it or not), the lack of leaves (means I get a good unobstructed view from my bedroom window) and perhaps most of all, I love the light. Admittedly, with the shorter days there’s less of it, but the quality of it is amazing – so low in the sky. In March’s issue of 25BH there are a few homes that capture that special quality. The one that really makes me envious is the home of Pernille and Thomas Marqverson (p120). Ok, it’s in Denmark so we’re never going to enjoy the same natural light over here, but I do love the way the Scandinavians also emphasise it with pale interiors and even, as here, white floorboards. It can look slightly boring and characterless but in this house they’ve added interest by using lots of primary colours, monochromatic detailing (white rooms and black borders) and mixing new with old furniture.

Keeping it fresh…

with clean lines, too.

Banish those New Year blues!

January 9, 2012

How depressing is it when you have to finally dismantle the tree and take down the decorations? Very! Ok, it declutters the place and gives you back the precious space that your 6ft (wide!) fir took up, but the place looks so bare (bit like the tree). So how do you add some warmth to the room again? Well burning the tree is a start – especially if you’ve got a real fire, like me :-)  – but the other answer is obvious: bring in some more plants for that Winter/Spring look. Do that and you’ve got the colour, you’ve got the smells, you’ve got the cost… Forget the last bit, the expense is well worth it!  Check out this selection of 10 top indoor plants on  If you still need convincing, check out these rooms from February’s 25BH and you’ll be, ahem, green with envy…

Seán O

Subtly coloured lilies...

...or verdant ferns