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Winning combination

August 8, 2012

I’m hoping that you’re not too bored with the Olympics as I couldn’t resist showing you this patriotic living room. Pretty yet punk-inspired – a combination that shouldn’t work, yet it does. There are so many ways to display the Union Jack, from cushions and artwork to rugs and wallpaper, but this wallhanging does the job perfectly. Inspiring.


Table Envy

April 18, 2012

Now I know that I showed you some great hallway examples not so long ago, but I couldn’t resist blogging about this little beauty. Taken from one of our upcoming homes in the June issue of 25 Beautiful Homes (on sale 3rd May – don’t miss it!), I think it’s a great example of how you can make the most of a small space.

There’s a real combination of styles here, but the ornate wooden console table really comes into its own set against such a neutral background.

Love it. Want it.


The accessories couples fight about

October 22, 2009

The winners are in! Following on from my recent post on ‘lazyboy chairs‘, we’ve been quizzing the public on for the most mind-BOGGLING/horrifying furniture pieces or accessories your true love has brought to the table when moving in together.

We’ve heard stories on everything from a man who tried to introduce a retro collection of robots to his wife’s country-style scheme, to a woman who insisted on putting potpourri on every table in the house, much to her fiance’s dismay. We finally came up with the most common irritations for both men and women. See the results in our gallery – From Lazyboys to house plants: 10 products couples fight about.

Graphic wall art has got to be one of my favourite of the most common responses – not the best way to introduce the love of your life to your new home. The playboy bachelor pad living room below is just screaming to be littered with romantic pictures … in HEART FRAMES!

roomenvy - playboy bachelors living room

roomenvy - playboy bachelors living room

p.s Thanks Dorothy for the wonderful comment about your boyfriend’s Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle bedlinen – it made me chuckle allllll morning! And more to the point, congratulations on shifting it.