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Colour splash

March 9, 2011

Brights, brights and more brights – if you’re decorating your bathroom, it’s clear there’s only one way to go this summer. I’ve been flicking through bathroom ideas on housetohome for ideas on how to inject a bit of interest into my largely plain, white bathroom, and it seems like the easiest way to give your WC a little TLC is to go for bright and bold accessories. Great if, like me, you’re renting and therefore can’t crack out the paint.

Pink statement bath | freestanding bath ideas | modern bathroom ideas | decorating with colour | roomenvy

Pink to make the boys wink

This pink bath is number one on my lust list. With the white-painted boards and pale walls, this room allows the real star of the show to shine through. I know pink isn’t to everyone’s tastes, but this idea would work equally well in teal, yellow, orange… whatever colour tickles your fancy.

Red minimalist bathroom | bathroom decorating ideas | bright bathroom ideas | bathroom colour schemes | roomenvy

Bold colour + texture = gorgeous

This deep-sided bath is also high up on my bathroom wishlist, coming a close second to the pink number above. The mix of textures and tones of red and orange add a warm, lived-in touch to what could be a rather stark, cold room. Room screens are a great way of adding some privacy to open plan ensuites too – the fretwork on this one makes it a feature in its own right.

Clever coloured storage | bathroom storage ideas | bright bathroom ideas | roomenvy

Great idea - why not update an old cabinet?

Finally, think about using colour in unusual ways, like on the inside of cabinets. This plain cabinet has been brought to life by stencilling on a pattern, then reversing it on the inside – unexpected, and really effective.

What do you think – which of these is your favourite?

Bathrooms and grown-up glamour

February 22, 2011

Perhaps it’s just this cold weather (seriously, when is it going to start getting warmer? It feels like it’s been February FOREVER) but lately I’ve been luxuriating in taking long hot baths whenever I can. Living in a house with no bath for several years, now that I have one again the novelty still hasn’t worn off, and it’s rapidly becoming my new favourite thing. Which is maybe why I seem to be drawn to amazing bathroom pictures at the moment.

Boudoir-style bathroom | opulent bathroom | bathroom ideas | bathroom decorating ideas | roomenvy

Certainly beats taking a cold shower...

This boudoir-style bathroom has really caught my eye. Amazing freestanding tin bath? Check. French-style dressing table? Check. Uber-glam satin finish wallpaper? Check check check. I love the idea of being able to complete my morning beauty routine in that gorgeous mirror as well, but knowing how long it takes me to get ready, I don’t think my housemates would appreciate me taking up the bathroom for hours on end in the morning.

Do you love this as much as I do? Leave a comment and let me know!

Best Wet Room 2010 – And the winner is…

January 20, 2011

This modern beauty of a wet room.

To be honest, the neutral colour scheme isn’t totally me, but the design is perfect. I can see that this was probably a titchy toilet and a iddy-biddy bathroom that’s been cleverly converted into a wet room.

Best wet room | Wet room designs | What is a wet room | Room Envy

A walk in wet room with a shower big enough to share

But, hey, let’s talk about what on earth a wet room IS? When did the trend for wet rooms start? Who came up with the wet room idea?

A wet room is a waterproofed or ‘tanked’ room that houses a shower and maybe a sink or bath too. The whole room becomes the shower – cool, huh?

But where does the water go? I hear you ask. Well, the floor is lowered a little so there’s no flooding or overspill – brilliant!

What’s the point of a wet room? Oooh, there are loads of great reasons for a wet room: saving space; a stylish alternative to knocking through a little toilet and small bathroom; creating an en-suite bathroom in a small bedroom; turning a downstairs toilet/utility room into something more useful; great for an attic conversion…I could go on, but you get the picture.

Who invented the wet room? To be honest, I have no idea, but I reckon the Romans had something to do with it, they’re good like that.

Whet your appetite with these fab wet rooms!

January 5, 2011

Wet rooms have to be so many things to so many people: a place to relax; a place to wash and go in a hurry; a practical space to get the kids washed and dressed, or to prep for a party.

Personally, I love a big, spacious wet room, but it’s often the smallest room in the house, and needs clever planning to make it work.

Here’s my absolute favourite wet room…well, this week, at least!


Wet room | Minimalist wet room| Room Envy

A clean, minimal wet room with a flash of red to brighten up the room

Why I love this wet room: I would never normally think a vibrant colour like red could work in a wet room, but it so does! The large, open space, white walls and stone floor ensure the red isn’t overpowering. And I love that you can have a shower but you don’t feel confined by grotty shower curtains.

Check out Housetohome’s top wet rooms, and let me know what you think.

Guess how much this bathroom update cost?

November 22, 2010

A grand old £94.98… or the cost of two tops and a pair of shoes according to a mini shopping trip this weekend… and I doubt the shoes will last as long.

I love the exotic bamboo theme – it’s a fresh take on the classic spa-style bathroom look. The look is kept simple with a white suite and neutral floor tiles, but bold bamboo wallpaper adds oomph, especially with complementing accessories.

bathroom | bathroom design ideas | Ideal Home

Update your bathroom design on a budget by keeping the look simple but adding wow with a statement wallpaper

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Bathroom inspiration – boutique chic!

September 6, 2010

Did I ever show you the beautiful bathroom I saw at this year’s Ideal Home Show? I’m not sure I could get away with it in my ‘the size of a pea’ bathroom, but I love how smart and sophisticated it is… one day!

Here’s how to get the look…

1) Stick to classic monochrome but add warmth with plenty of cream – and keep the use of black to a minimum, like the black blind tapes and black-edged tiles shown here.

2) Mix period and modern pieces such as elaborate French-style furniture and a contemporary shower.

3) Splash out on high-shine wallpaper to add the wow-factor to your bathroom.

4) Cheat the eye with vinyl flooing instead of real limestone – spend the rest on swanky bath products!

5) Introduce accessories you wouldn’t think to see in the bathroom, such as a vintage-style cakestand for displaying pretty soaps and wine goblets for bath salts.

roomenvy - bathroom decorating ideas

roomenvy - bathroom decorating ideas

roomenvy - boutique bathroom inspiration

roomenvy - boutique bathroom inspiration

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The ultimate glamorous bathroom

August 9, 2010

This uber-glam dressing area has given me UTTER bathroom envy! Floor-to-ceiling storage for clothes and shoes (which… obviously have to be filled to complete the look… !!); contemporary florals, including a pretty upholstered screen (utterly boudoir-chic); a velvet daybed for a luxurious place to relax PLUS a sexy roll-top bath = a ‘husbands/boyfriends/partners this doesn’t concern you’ bathroom!

Just imagine getting ready for a girly night out in this beauty!

roomenvy - dressing room to ... shop for!

roomenvy - dressing room to ... shop for!

roomenvy - dressing room storage

roomenvy - dressing room storage

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Bathroom design ideas for families!

July 27, 2010

Not that this really applies to me … unless you count the ENDLESS amount of guests I insist come to stay at my house! I love these family bathroom design ideas from Housetohome though, they’re perfect for making the most of your bathroom space and creating a zone that’s as practical as it is stylish.

This is probably my favourite idea, but click on the image to see if any of the others take your fancy!

roomenvy - bathroom storage idea

roomenvy - bathroom storage idea

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Beautiful bathroom design – pure and SIMPLE

July 22, 2010

I love love LOVE this cool, calm and collected bathroom decorating look. It’s all about neutral walls, wooden accessories and lightweight towels and robes for a spot summery relaxation in the tub!

The key to a country bathroom is a classic roll-top – place a screen nearby for a decorative touch!

roomenvy - simple white bathroom

roomenvy - simple white bathroom

I love the white-painted panelled walls. You could also layer a loosely woven voile fabric over an everyday plastic shower curtain to stop stray water spray – it looks stunning, too. Tie shells to the bottom for a pretty trim.

roomenvy - elegant country bathroom

roomenvy - elegant country bathroom

A teak basin adds warmth and a contemporary feel when fitted on to a classic console table. Arrange beauty buys and lotions on a wooden tray.

roomenvy - bathroom dressing area

roomenvy - bathroom dressing area

Pop clothes and towels in these smart white bins to oganise for washing – it’ll keep the bathroom floors clutter free!

roomenvy - bathroom laundry zone

roomenvy - bathroom laundry zone

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Bathroom design ideas – the good, the bad and the ugly!

July 14, 2010

Liever is becoming one of my favourite places to browse the latest quirky bathroom designs (it’s great for other rooms, too!) Fit-a-family baths, strange-but-true cabinetry, out-of this-wolrld furnishings, the works!

I’ve had a lil browse for bathroom designs this morning – anything to balance my kitchen craze at the moment – and found some fantastic designs … and some questionable ones …

The good

I mean, I could fit my HOUSE in that bath, plus those oversized spa-style pebbles could rival Stonehenge!

roomenvy - hotel-chic bathroom

roomenvy - hotel-chic bathroom

The bad

Note, I am NOT complaining about the setting (at ALL!) it’s just that the units are a bit modern and clinical for me.

roomenvy - a bathroom with a view

roomenvy - a bathroom with a view

The ugly

I do love a bathroom chandelier, but I’d just feel uncomfortable with minions serving me grapes – oh? Is that not a prerequisite of this kind of scheme?

roomenvy - classic-style bathroom

roomenvy - classic-style bathroom

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