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Blissful bathing

August 1, 2012


What do I like about this bathroom? Firstly, the wallpaper. Not hugely practical maybe, but there’s nothing to say it can’t be used as long as you have a good extractor and don’t get it wet.

Secondly, the glossy black tiles on the bath panel – they appear almost a combination of brick and large mock-croc.

Thirdly the elegant two-drawer unit that would normally be more at home in a bedroom, yet works wonderfully with a glass candelabra placed on top for that extra bit of luxury.

Who says bathrooms have to be boring?


So black and white

July 4, 2012

Bathrooms are often seen as a functional space rather than a room to really be creative with – which is why I like this scheme so much. It may be black and white, but the tree-print wallpaper and elegant French-inspired furniture gives it that little something extra. Add to it the black tiles on the bath panel, a glass candelabra and some luxurious towels, and you’ve got yourself a bathroom to be proud of.


Beautiful Bathrooms

April 25, 2012

What is a bathroom to you? Purely functional, or somewhere to relax and unwind? For some (and I’m talking about my other half here) it’s just another room for gadgets… underfloor heating, LED taps, showers with steam functions and of course, a waterproof TV. Currently embarking on a bathroom revamp ourselves, I was pleased to discover that incorporating the latest technology doesn’t have to mean your bathroom can’t be beautiful too, as this scheme, complete with  TV and fire, depicts. Let us know what you think…


Go crazy for colour

July 8, 2011

Much as most of us love a colourful room, it’s usually only the brave that will truly go all out, while the rest of us inject a splash here and there with an accessory or two and feel quite courageous with our efforts. That said, if you can experiment, colour can really help bring your home to life. The Jolly family’s home, featured in the August issue of 25 Beautiful Homes, is a vibrant example of how colour can transform a room.

Perfect pastels

Check out the pretty pastel stripes above the Aga and the hand-painted chairs – easy to do and oh-so-pretty.

Pretty in pink

Not for the faint-hearted, this bright fuchsia bedroom looks spectacular teamed with fresh white.

Fabulous flamingos

Those that know me will appreciate how much I love this room – I’m such a fan of flamingos and this bathroom, with its small hits of bright colour, makes me want to experiment with wall stickers as Alice Jolly has done here.

Bathed in blue

It just goes to show that a bathroom need never be boring again – and it’s not just tiles that can be used to create a colourful effect. Painting the bath and in-frame cupboard doors in the same shade of powdery blue really works well, and it’s easy to get matching accessories (think tiles, rugs and again, a wall sticker).

A jolly house for the Jolly family – we love it!


Bathroom with personality

April 29, 2011

Another lovely find by intern Lucy over on Lucy Likes It, this time a bathroom design from our very own Housetohome site!

eclectic white bathroom

Artfully displayed objects add character

Create a bathroom that is truly your own with an eclectic display of your favourite artwork and knick-knacks. Keep it pared down for a look that says ‘cool and sophisticated’ rather than ‘cluttered and chaotic’!

Colour splash

March 9, 2011

Brights, brights and more brights – if you’re decorating your bathroom, it’s clear there’s only one way to go this summer. I’ve been flicking through bathroom ideas on housetohome for ideas on how to inject a bit of interest into my largely plain, white bathroom, and it seems like the easiest way to give your WC a little TLC is to go for bright and bold accessories. Great if, like me, you’re renting and therefore can’t crack out the paint.

Pink statement bath | freestanding bath ideas | modern bathroom ideas | decorating with colour | roomenvy

Pink to make the boys wink

This pink bath is number one on my lust list. With the white-painted boards and pale walls, this room allows the real star of the show to shine through. I know pink isn’t to everyone’s tastes, but this idea would work equally well in teal, yellow, orange… whatever colour tickles your fancy.

Red minimalist bathroom | bathroom decorating ideas | bright bathroom ideas | bathroom colour schemes | roomenvy

Bold colour + texture = gorgeous

This deep-sided bath is also high up on my bathroom wishlist, coming a close second to the pink number above. The mix of textures and tones of red and orange add a warm, lived-in touch to what could be a rather stark, cold room. Room screens are a great way of adding some privacy to open plan ensuites too – the fretwork on this one makes it a feature in its own right.

Clever coloured storage | bathroom storage ideas | bright bathroom ideas | roomenvy

Great idea - why not update an old cabinet?

Finally, think about using colour in unusual ways, like on the inside of cabinets. This plain cabinet has been brought to life by stencilling on a pattern, then reversing it on the inside – unexpected, and really effective.

What do you think – which of these is your favourite?

Bathrooms and grown-up glamour

February 22, 2011

Perhaps it’s just this cold weather (seriously, when is it going to start getting warmer? It feels like it’s been February FOREVER) but lately I’ve been luxuriating in taking long hot baths whenever I can. Living in a house with no bath for several years, now that I have one again the novelty still hasn’t worn off, and it’s rapidly becoming my new favourite thing. Which is maybe why I seem to be drawn to amazing bathroom pictures at the moment.

Boudoir-style bathroom | opulent bathroom | bathroom ideas | bathroom decorating ideas | roomenvy

Certainly beats taking a cold shower...

This boudoir-style bathroom has really caught my eye. Amazing freestanding tin bath? Check. French-style dressing table? Check. Uber-glam satin finish wallpaper? Check check check. I love the idea of being able to complete my morning beauty routine in that gorgeous mirror as well, but knowing how long it takes me to get ready, I don’t think my housemates would appreciate me taking up the bathroom for hours on end in the morning.

Do you love this as much as I do? Leave a comment and let me know!

What’s up doc? The Year of the Rabbit, that’s what…

February 3, 2011

I might just have finished getting over one New Year’s Eve party when another great excuse to celebrate has come my way – it’s now officially the Year of the Rabbit!

Chinese New Year is here and we’ve shifted from all the chaos and action of the Year of the Tiger in 2010 to a calmer, more relaxed state of affairs for the rest of the year, according to the Chinese Zodiac. It’s true that the last year has been a pretty busy one, so I’ve been on the hunt for some cool, zen-like rooms with an oriental influence to post.

Chinese-inspired relaxing green room | decorating | decorating advice | roomyenvy

This modern four poster bed has got my pulse racing...

Proving that you don’t necessarily need to splash a full can of red paint around to get an Eastern feel to a room, this almost country-feel bedroom featured on housetohome has really caught my interest. I personally don’t really like the inlaid cabinets (let’s be fair, they have been everywhere for a few years) but in this relaxed setting they look gorgeous. I’m totally coveting the convex mirror/ branch wall ornament combo over the fireplace as well. Even if looking in it in the morning might give me a bit of a shock – fisheye effect anyone?

Moody oriental-inspired dining room

Sophisticated conversation only at this dining table...

The same goes for this glam oriental-inspired dining room. I’m a big fan of the printed fabric panels (mainly because it’s so easy to make some yourself with a wooden frame and fabric remnants, super cheap) and the black laquer chairs offset the dusky colour on the walls perfectly. My only criticism is that the room’s a little dark but some carefully understated low lighting should sort that issue out. I like to think I’d  sit neatly at this table and making witty conversation over dim sum, although the reality is I’d probably be tucking into a takeaway from my local cheap and cheerful Chinese!

Japanese-inspired teak bath | bathroom | bathroom decorating ideas | roomenvy


Finally, how gorgeous is this Japanese-style bath? Looks a bit tricky to get out of, but I bet a soak in this tub would be second to none….

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G’day mate! Let’s celebrate Australia Day

January 26, 2011

OK, sorry for the unoriginal and tiresome headline, but Aussies are known for their warm, welcoming and ultra-cheery nature, and it seems this even extends to their home decor.

Today is Australia Day, so in celebration I want to show you this gorgeous single-storey Seventies house in Sydney, which mixes cool retro patterns and shapes with modern design features.

Australia Day decor | Australian decorating ideas | Room Envy

The leisurely lounge with a laidback style

It’s so easy to go overboard with retro furniture – the rule is, keep it simple and buy top quality. It’s clear owners Andrea and Ben Miller have stuck to that rule, mixing simple modern artwork and accessories with a few key pieces, such as the geometric rug and the low armchairs. I can imagine sinking into one of these chairs and watching the amazing Australian sun rise and fall.

Australia Day decor | Australian decorating ideas | Room Envy

Knock on wood

Wood and stone are the two main materials that are used throughout the house, and here you can see just how surprisingly warm and stylish these materials can be – even for a bathroom. I am struck by just how many shades of wood there are. The gilt-framed mirror is a lovely glam touch, too.

Australia Day decor | Australian decorating ideas | Room Envy

Turn up the heat with hot pink

All this wood and stone could look dull if it weren’t for the large windows that go around the house. But hot pink adds even more brightness, and what’s more reminds me that when you have a lot of neutral, such as stone and wood panelling, anything can work. A mixture of textures in this room makes it super-cosy too.

See the rest of this house for more Australian decorating ideas

Best Bathrooms 2010 – And the winner is…

January 24, 2011

I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t want a lovely bathroom to relax in. But one man’s relaxation is another man’s torture, so choosing the best bathroom of 2010 is tricky.

However, the winner is this be-a-uuuu-tiful nautical bathroom.

Best bathroom 2010 | Nautical bathroom | Family bathroom | Room Envy

We are sailing to serenity

Even if it’s not totally your bag, the seaside accents are done just right, not too much to make you feel seasick.

This room is not blessed with an easy design. It’s a long, narrow room with an awkward eave, but instead of trying to ignore the shape and make the bath the focus of the room – as is usual – the eave, decorated with a sail effect blind, becomes the focus, and a place to chill. I LOVE it!

Chunky, roughed up shelves provide excellent storage. Two sinks mean no fighting over the bathroom in the morning – brilliant!

Simple touches like the decorative ship and fish tank are fun yet sophisticated.

Even though this bathroom looks super-cool, it’s still a family bathroom. So often a family bathroom means a plethora of rubber ducks, novelty soap and a whole load of Sponge Bob Square Pants paraphernalia. But in this bathroom kids’ toys are stored away and the steps are made from the same wood as the shelves, so as not to stand out.

Now, that’s got me thinking about the best chilren’s rooms of 2010…