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Fun with florals

July 25, 2012

Here at 25 Beautiful Homes we’ve always loved a pretty floral print, and whether it’s rain or shine, they never fail to put a smile on our faces. From delicate to bold, graphic to vintage, floral prints help create a warm feel within the home…


We love this feminine boudoir which uses shades of soft pink and cream, with a delicate floral design.


 Vintage-style florals are used within this dining area on the cushions, tablecloth and within the shelving unit. They’re even carried through to the crockery, with some pretty blooms as a centrepiece on the table.



 A bright-coloured floral wallpaper has been used to create a feature wall in this sitting room, with a variety of pretty cushions and equally bright curtains. Bold, yet beautiful.


French fancy

July 18, 2012

Escaping the rain and heading to a holiday home in France sounds like bliss right now, and so I couldn’t resist showing you this little gem. A 1960s architect-designed property in the South of France, I especially love these two rooms, both for very different reasons.


Woven furniture, an antique coffee table and ceiling fan give this sitting room a colonial air.


Who wouldn’t want a bedroom that opens out onto a sunny terrace?

Click here or visit to take a peek at the rest of the house.


Nautical but nice

July 2, 2012

And talking of holidays (I was, if you must know…) when you rent out that seaside apartment, you want to wake up and feel you’re on holiday. No offence to all those dowdy B&Bs I frequented  in my youth, but this bedroom leaves them up the creek without a paddle. All it takes is the odd driftwood accessory, maritime prints on the wall plus a splash of blue here and there and you can almost hear the sea from here…

Seán O

A little piece of the seaside…



Drift away…

May 9, 2012

There are two things in interiors that I’ve heard a lot about the last few months. One is red, white and blue – all things British are big for 2012 as you may have already noticed. The second is coastal; think seaside, think shells, think driftwood.

So here I bring you a bedroom that I think blends these two themes perfectly. Courtesy of WorldStores, this scheme conjures images of life by the sea, with its mix of sun-bleached floorboards and frames teamed with splashes of jubilant nautical shades. Perfect – but what do you think?


Dark and mysterious

April 12, 2012

Not all of us have the space to achieve a bedroom like this, but it’s a great example of how taking your time to really think about your scheme and what look you want to achieve can pay off.

I love the moody, dark tones of this room, with its elegantly draped curtains and period details. There’s just an air of grandeur about it, and the mirrors either side of the bed are a great way to bounce some light around if you have a small, dark room.


All in a theme

March 9, 2012

I recently helped a friend decorate her bedroom. Asking her for ideas as to what she wanted, all she could come up with was that she liked the colour purple – we decided to go down a Moroccan-inspired route, with floaty voile, mosaic tealights, jewel-coloured cushions and silver gilt mirrors. It got me thinking that when you’re short of inspiration, there’s nothing like a ‘theme’ to get you motivated.

Whether it’s a colour, an animal, a pattern or a country, we’d love to hear whether you’ve ‘themed’ any of your rooms. This coastal-inspired bedroom belongs to a Suffolk seaside apartment you can see more by clicking here.



Head’s up on bedroom style

January 25, 2012

I have a friend who somewhat honestly admits to being fickle when it comes to decor. Having asked her husband to rewallpaper a feature wall in their bedroom for the upteenth time, he suggested (rather resignedly) that he attach a sheet of MDF as a headboard behind the bed and wallpaper that instead – somewhat easier than redoing a whole wall the next time she discovers a new must-have design or pattern.

That got me thinking about how easy it is to be creative with a headboard – there’s so much scope for imagination, from paint effects, upholstered foam, wallpaper and anything your heart desires.

Ideal for open-plan bedrooms, a divider can be decorated however you choose

Why not take the headboard right up to the ceiling as in this Hill House Interiors scheme?

A wood surround with an upholstered interior makes a luxurious backdrop

This modern scheme from Hill House Interiors shows the headboard colours reflected in the blind fabric

You can find more bedroom ideas at Housetohome

Which one is your favourite? We’d love to know of any ideas you’ve come up with.



Bed is calling…

August 24, 2011

Now I know that bright and bold is bang on trend at the moment, but for me, a bedroom is all about simplicity. For example, this scheme certainly has no frills, but the pretty bedlinen (Escada at Harrods), really ups this room’s va va voom. Teamed with a modern tulip-style table and old-fashioned gilt coatstand, it reminds me of an elegant Parisian apartment.

No clutter apart from a few choice items on the table, no artwork, no rug. Just pale taupe-coloured walls and an evocative bed that calls out to be snuggled up in.


Bungalow with a difference

August 1, 2011

Don’t judge a book by the cover, as the saying goes. When I saw the exterior of this bungalow in the September ’11 issue of 25BH I didn’t hold out hope of it offering much out of the ordinary. But step over the threshold and prepare to be surprised! For one thing, it’s like the proverbial Tardis, which shows what knocking down a few walls can do. It’s even got a chill-out room in the basement. I must admit, I’ve always tended to think of bungalows as being mainly for the, ahem, slightly older occupant, but this is a family home with stacks of life plus quirky features inside and outside. One of the most impressive aspects, though, is the interior’s a mix of old and new – grandma’s dining table right next to a modular suite. But I think it all works because it reflects the family’s tastes and personalities – and isn’t that what we all want out of a home?

The old and the new...

...and the bedroom's got a modern outlook, too!

Pretty in… purple?

July 29, 2011

For those of you with partners who take more than a passing interest as to how your home is decorated, you may understand my daily frustration with having to keep my ‘girlieness’ to a minimum. There was a time when I had a pretty bedroom, with bevelled mirrors on the wall, delicate wallpaper and a few artworks with French-style shoes and handbags adorning them. Gone are those days. Now it’s about compromise for me, and although I’m very pleased with my present less-feminine bedroom, I couldn’t help being drawn to this gorgeous scheme, courtesy of Dulux.

The soft grey shade on the walls (Potters Clay 2) works beautifully teamed with fresh white bed linen and pastel bedspreads and throws. Then there’s the elegant group of mirrors that gives the room a charming and almost vintage feel.

Would you like to know the best bit for me? Look closely and you’ll notice that what looks like a Tromp L’oeil headboard is actually painted on. Dulux’s recommended colour for Autumn/Winter is damson-coloured Twilight Cinders and this is one of its six shades, Twilight Cinders 1. It really gives an added quirkiness to the room.

Have any of you ever painted a headboard like this, or do you battle with your other half over feminine accessories and colours?