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Kitchen’s I don’t envy

May 18, 2011

Lately I have been doing a great deal of rating, but very little slating. I’m afraid the time has come for me to cast my judging eye over some of the not-so-fabulous kitchen designs I’ve come across on Apartment Therapy and Design*Sponge.


Springy bar stools don't past the test

I know a lot of people love their island benches but there are some shockers out there! I say the chunkier the worse, especially when fussy brackets are needed to prop up the edges. And no to the bar stools too, my tip is to steer clear of anything too gimmicky or novelty, it’s guaranteed to date faster than that fondue set you got for Christmas. Or maybe at exactly the same rate…


More bar stools...tres blah

Another chunky island bench, I think I detect a theme. Don’t get me wrong, I love a black kitchen, but black and beige? Or is this one chocolate brown? I can’t even be sure. And to add to the list of rules for island benches – not too high!


Too much wood, not enough good

Maybe it’s the photography, but we’ve got a serious overload of sickly rich caramel wood here. And another chunky island. Chunky islands mean chunky extractor hoods, and that can’t be good for your feng shui, surely. Also, where are the windows?


Simplicity FTW

Aahhh, that’s better. A window and natural light cannot be beaten. I love the simple white cabinets and rustic styling. It just goes to show that money does not buy style!


Eclectic and homely

Exhibit B. Yes, maybe I am playing favourites with white here, but it’s not just that. Open shelving to display kitchen knick knacks and pared back design really help to create a kitchen that is timeless, unpretentious, cosy and yet stylish.

Alright, let me have it! Defend your island benches and tell me white is boring, or join me in the slating!

Bathroom with personality

April 29, 2011

Another lovely find by intern Lucy over on Lucy Likes It, this time a bathroom design from our very own Housetohome site!

eclectic white bathroom

Artfully displayed objects add character

Create a bathroom that is truly your own with an eclectic display of your favourite artwork and knick-knacks. Keep it pared down for a look that says ‘cool and sophisticated’ rather than ‘cluttered and chaotic’!

Spotted! Kitchen design inspiration

April 28, 2011

Our intern Lucy is an interior design die-hard, and has joined the hoardes on the social-media-meets-micro-blogging-platform, tumblr. We just love the images she posts, gathered from across some of the best design blogs across the web (there are even some from the Housetohome site!). Take a look at this lovely modern kitchen design she spotted for some inspiration…

wood and white marble modern kitchen

Beautiful bespoke kitchen

The kitchen was designed by Australian architects Owen and Vokes. It strikes the perfect balance between sleek modernity and quirky character, don’t you think?

Big Brother is watching…

January 26, 2010

Now, I’m a fan of Big Brother as much as the next person but imagine trying to sleep with this pair of eyes watching over you??!

Fortunately, I found lots of other fabulous room schemes on to tickle my fancy. Look out for the fish bowl bath tub and panda lurking by the bed…

room envy - Big Brothe is watching

room envy - Big Brother is watching

room envy - fish bowl bathroom

room envy - fish bowl bathroom

room envy - cruise liner here we come!

room envy - cruise liner here we come!

Love these? Check out‘s vibrant bedroom schemes for inspiration.

room envy - panda watch

room envy - panda watch

Sleep like a queen…or don’t??

January 26, 2010

Now that’s a four poster bed (… underneath all those pillows and florals)! I’m sure it would scare the living daylights out of most men, but I’m oddly intrigued about how comfy it is – and so jealous that the editor of Country Homes & Interiors got to find out!

Far too grand for me (not that it would fit in my house anyway) but I’d certainly be impressed to see one … in a CASTLE!

room envy - snuggle up in hundreds of pillows!

room envy - snuggle up in hundreds of pillows!

For more luxurious ways to decorate your bedroom, check out‘s hotel-style bedrooms.