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2010 Room Awards – woo!

January 11, 2011

2010 was a great year for home decorating and DIY. Like you, we loved the return of classic retro prints, high-tech printed wallpaper and new ways to be eco friendly and chic.

To kick-start the 2010 Room Awards we’re starting with the Best Kitchen of 2010, which is this brilliant family kitchen.

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The perfect kitchen-diner; it's a kitchen and a diner!

Why it wins? Aside from the big chalkboard – great for shopping lists and a drawing space for kids – small kitchen-diners that give the allusion of space can be tricky.

Often kitchen-diners can look like the furniture of a giant has been squeezed into the kitchen of someone from Lilliput; and the overall look can be cluttered and uncomfortable – you can’t image making a cup of tea, let alone a family meal. Or a poorly designed kitchen-diner can give the impression that the designer has rifled though the space-saving section of Lakeland and bought all the stock.

But look at the beauty of this kitchen-diner: the pastel colours – a nod to cute retro styling, and clean, functional furniture. You just know that when the kids’ have gone to bed the adults crack open a few bottles of vino, light some candles and have a delicious meal, and perhaps a adult game of Catchphrase on the chalkboard. Can we come to dinner please?

Do you love this? Tell us what was your fave kitchen of 2010?

Something to chalk about

August 21, 2009

Thanks for your comments on the ‘back to school’ home office idea! I followed Vivian’s advice and headed straight to Martha Stewart‘s website for some handy ways to use chalkboard paint. Then I got a bit carried away, trying to see what other cool chalkboard ideas I could find …

I really liked The Style Files‘ chalkboard ideas for kids bedrooms – what a fab way to get them to personalise their space (hopefully it’ll distract them from moving onto the walls!)

room envy - kids room

room envy - kids room

Plus, this next chalkboard idea from housetohome takes the term ‘shopping list’ to a whole new level (I’m not even sure there’s room for all my weekend’s errands though, groan!)

roomenvy - chalkboard 'things to do' list

roomenvy - chalkboard 'things to do' list

I also love this organised hallway idea – each family member gets their own chalk memo board, for photos, reminders … or funny notes to each other. Keep it clean people!

roomenvy - super organised hallway

roomenvy - super organised hallway

If you find any other great ideas be sure to let me know!