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Dramatic dining room ideas

May 27, 2011

Attention, decor-addicts! You MUST check out Housetohome’s guide to adding drama to your dining room in five steps (no less, no more!). I’m telling you, dear friends, these are ideas worth stealing.


Now that's what I call wow-factor

And boy, do this lot know how to add drama. The faux-paneling effect creates a powerful impact for relatively little fuss and cost (enlist your handiest buddy if you’re no good with a hacksaw). Get busy, and prepare for jaws to drop at your next dinner party!

My kitchen scrapbook

May 25, 2011

I’ve just discovered a fun new tool on the Magnet kitchens web site. It’s called My Kitchen Scrapbook. It’s an easy way to gather together your favourite kitchen images and create a mood board for your dream kitchen.


My kitchen wish-list

That’s my dream kitchen mood board above! Lots of open shelving, pop colours and vintage accessories, please and thank-you. I uploaded lots of my own images (found on Design*Sponge and the Hindsvik blog, mainly) but you can also pick and choose from other people’s moodboards. Check it out, roomies!

Lovely laundry room

May 16, 2011

I must admit, I live vicariously through tours of other people’s beautiful homes. I had to share this ‘Sneak Peek’ from Design*Sponge. Oh, to have a laundry room like THIS! Isn’t it just divine?


Utility room perfection

Did I mention the charmed owner of this delightful pad has also got a craft and gift wrapping station set up in this utility room? I DIE! It’s the stuff of my domestic dreams. The good news is, I think this is a wholly achievable look. I just need to pick up some Grundtal rails and accessories from IKEA, some cute fabric (Marimekko?), some storage jars, and hey-presto! I’ll be well on my way to domestic goddess status…

Not just for little ones!

May 15, 2011

Whether or not you are on the hunt for children’s decorating ideas, you’ve gotta admit this stripey wallpapered ceiling is seriously cool.

childrens bedroom striped ceiling

Now that's one lucky kid!

I could totally rock this look just about anywhere, living room, bathroom, kitchen…I’m getting carried away here. However, if you actually ARE looking for children’s room decorating ideas, and lots of you will be, there’s plenty on the Housetohome site to get you started! Maybe there’ll be some more genius ideas for my en-suite…

Latest living room looks

May 13, 2011

I know, I am really overdoing the alliteration on the blog post titles… I can’t help myself! Ahem, moving right along. Where was I? Oh yes, living room looks. This gallery of modern living room ideas is right on the money! So many great looks that are totally ‘now’ and yet not so trendy as to need redecorating in a few years time. Midnight blue ikat print rug? Don’t mind if I do!

blue ikat rug living room

Ikat stop thinking about this rug...

Nothing like drooling over a few delicious interiors for some light Friday entertainment! Happy weekend, folks!

Inspiration for beautiful bookcases

May 6, 2011

If you’re looking for bookcase ideas then look no further than this wonderful selection over on Design*Sponge. I particularly loved this look for a bedroom.


Sort your bookcase by colour for extra points

There is really nothing more stylish and on-trend right now than colour-coding your books, it would seem. But don’t fret, for those who like a more eclectic look, there are plenty of lower maintenance options in the gallery! And if you’re like me and can never get enough of cute home ideas, check out these book shelving tips over at Housetohome.

Feature wall envy

May 2, 2011

One more from Lucy’s style blog – we love this feature wall with a show-stopping display of framed art. The television blends in almost seamlessly, which is quite a neat trick!

feature wall art display

Fabulous framing

The lovely image is from design blog The Design Files. Add it to your growing list of interior design blogs, including Lucy Likes It and Housetohome, and you shall never want for interior inspiration again…

Feeling Crafty

April 14, 2011

With tomorrow’s DIY Web Chat growing ever closer, we’ve got home improvement projects on the brain! I myself am looking at getting into a little wall decorating. Doesn’t this feature strip of wallpaper just completely lift this whole room? It really seems to tie the whole scheme together, and I must say the icing on the cake is the two cuttings framed beautifully either side. Genius! Don’t you just love it when you see something gorgeous like this, and realise ‘Hey! I could do that!’. And without breaking the bank, either.

Yellow and Grey Living Room with Wallpaper

Yellow and Grey, a match made in heaven?

I am seriously tempted to spend my Easter long weekend wallpapering. I have had a few scary visions, however, of myself covered head to toe in paste and paper. Probably best to check myself into that DIY web chat over lunch tomorrow, where I shall pick the brains of none other than Tommy Walsh! Surely he will have a few tips on hassle-free wallpapering…

One Kitchen, Two Ways

April 14, 2011

Whilst browsing the housetohome site I noticed that one of my favourite kitchens appeared twice, but in different clothes! It perfectly highlights how you can change the look of your kitchen, simply by switching up your accessories.

Kitchen number one, to me, is like having your own trendy cafe at home. The perfect spot to spread out the weekend newspapers, sip on a latte and munch on some french toast. Can’t you just picture yourself…?


White Cafe Kitchen with AGA Cooker

All white accessories, tres chic!

Kitchen number two, however, is like the place where your Italian Nonna would whip up spaghetti napolitana from scratch, or knead out some fresh pizza dough.

Rustic White Kitchen with Open Shelving

Eclectic and earthy...I love it!

Which do you prefer? I love both, but I’m not sure I have the restraint to collect only white crockery for the rest of my days…

Lovely laundry rooms

March 30, 2011

Ok, hands up… who here has their utility room on top of the list of ‘rooms I’m desperate to do up?’ Not me, that’s for sure. As far as I’m concerned, the dark cupboard-sized room that houses my washing machine, hoover, and probably a decent sized nest of spiders is pretty much a decorating dead-end… or is it?

Having take a look at these utility room beauties, I might be convinced to (let somebody else) clean out the spiders, and get that tiny room organised.

washing machine stickers | washig machine designs | decorative stickers | utility room | roomenvy

Pimp your washing machine, anyone?

Washing machine stickers. That’s right, the most humble of household appliances gets the designer treatement, and I’m strangely drawn to it. Teamed with a neutral room scheme and dark wooden floors, this could really make doing the washing that little bit more fun, no?

Bright and beautiful | modern utility room ideas | bright utility room ideas | roomenvy

Bright and beautiful

If I was lucky enough to have a retro-launderette room like this, I’m sure my ironing would be more organised. Love the clash between the powder blue walls and the highlighter yellow cabinet.

grey and yellow utility room | utility room ideas | modern utility room | roomenvy

Soft and subtle

Finally, this soft grey room with yellow touches proves that pastel rooms don’t have to be boring. Plus, that amazing wire storage unit would mean you’d never lose any cleaning products ever again.

What do you think – would you decorate your laundry or utility room, or would you rather focus elsewhere in the home?