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Fun with florals

July 25, 2012

Here at 25 Beautiful Homes we’ve always loved a pretty floral print, and whether it’s rain or shine, they never fail to put a smile on our faces. From delicate to bold, graphic to vintage, floral prints help create a warm feel within the home…


We love this feminine boudoir which uses shades of soft pink and cream, with a delicate floral design.


 Vintage-style florals are used within this dining area on the cushions, tablecloth and within the shelving unit. They’re even carried through to the crockery, with some pretty blooms as a centrepiece on the table.



 A bright-coloured floral wallpaper has been used to create a feature wall in this sitting room, with a variety of pretty cushions and equally bright curtains. Bold, yet beautiful.


Summer paradise

July 24, 2012

Finally the sun has made an appearance, so we thought what better way to celebrate than to show you some fabulous ways of combining your indoor and outdoor areas. Make the most of the summer by incorporating big expanses of glass that will let the light pour in – you’ll feel as though you’re outside whist carrying out daily chores, too…

We love the way this seasonal bright blue shade has been used both inside and out – on cushions, wallpaper and a rug – linking both areas together.

Here, folding doors open wide to let the sunshine in, with a wooden dining table echoing the timber door frames.

In this kitchen, floor-to-ceiling glass provides a picture-perfect view of the exterior.

Fling open your doors to the garden and make the outside an extension of your home.


Devoted to dining room

July 9, 2012

For everyday purposes I can take or leave the dining room. After all, in this age of kitchen-diners, we don’t tend to create a special space for this function any more, do we? You know what I mean, the kind of place that would get a dusting down just for Sunday lunch, or if the relations paid an unexpected visit (heaven forbid…). But if you’ve got a special occasion I’m not against a grand setting such as this home that is a former church. Chance would be a fine thing…

Seán O

Dine in style…

Summer dreaming

May 2, 2012

With a few of my friends having emigrated in the last few years, and continual photos of sunnier climbs to make me jealous, it’s got me thinking about how I can make the most of our garden for when the sunshine finally arrives in the UK. Mine may not necessarily be the most scenic of gardens – it doesn’t back onto fields or woods, nor does it have outstanding views of the ocean or beach – however, it’s a good size and, most importantly, all mine. So here’s what I’d like to do…

I’d love a conservatory or extension, so that I can enjoy the whole indoors-outdoors space.

I’d also like some decking, with different levels and a seating area for those warm, balmy nights (that I’m SURE are on their way!)


Pretty in pink

February 24, 2012

It’s my birthday today. And although it comes as no surprise to me, there has been a definite theme amongst my loved ones for cards and presents…  PINK! As a girlie girl, I just can’t get enough, and so today’s blog is dedicated to my favourite shade. From fuchsia to baby pink, magenta to bubblegum, why not add a splash of colour to your home in time for summer? Mix sugary pastels with soft dove grey, stronger magenta with red and purple, or vivid pink against a neutral palette of white. If you’ve got a hint of pink in  your home, I’d love to hear how you’ve used it.

Loving these flamingo-pink bar stools.




Delightful dining

February 13, 2012

I love a large dining room, but it seems that having a separate space dedicated purely to eating and entertaining, is something of a luxury these days. With open-plan spaces and island units with breakfast bars on the rise, could it be that dining rooms will soon be extinct?

While we mull that over, here’s a few of my favourite dining designs…

A dramatic feature wall makes for a striking scheme



Set within a conservatory, this room benefits from lots of light


Bright, bold and modern, this vibrant design really makes a statement


A wow-factor light fitting and quirky accessories add interest. Oh, and have you noticed the wine store in the corner, conveniently to hand?

Which is your favourite?


Cosy conservatory

August 5, 2011

Not so much room envy as ‘conservatory‘ envy, what don’t I love about this space? From the stable-style door to the bare brick on the wall, this dining area screams relaxing, comfortable conservatory chic.  The glass vaulted roof ensures it’s nice and light and a palette of cream and green makes it easy on the eye.

Would I like this room? You betcha!

Do you have a conservatory that you’ve decorated to ’25 Beautiful Homes’ standard? If so, tell us what you’ve done and how it compares with this picture.


Losing my religion?

July 15, 2011

Pull up a pew (excuse the pun) and take a look at this regal-looking dining room, part of a glamorous converted church. Just imagine for one minute, that this is your home, and you’re welcoming your friends and family in. Light floods through the original stained-glass windows and a large bespoke table caters happily for dinner guests.

This may not be your average dining room, but if there was ever a room to envy, this is it. I love the ornate backs on the velvet-upholstered chairs, and the antique grandfather clock that adds to the regal presence of the room. The furniture has been kept traditional, with a nod to the age of the church – it just goes to show that a period property doesn’t always look better filled with modern pieces.

Do you love or loathe this scheme? Would you like to live in a converted church and if so, how would you decorate it? We’d love to hear your suggestions…




Dramatic dining room ideas

May 27, 2011

Attention, decor-addicts! You MUST check out Housetohome’s guide to adding drama to your dining room in five steps (no less, no more!). I’m telling you, dear friends, these are ideas worth stealing.


Now that's what I call wow-factor

And boy, do this lot know how to add drama. The faux-paneling effect creates a powerful impact for relatively little fuss and cost (enlist your handiest buddy if you’re no good with a hacksaw). Get busy, and prepare for jaws to drop at your next dinner party!

Mad about mid-century

May 20, 2011

If you’re an interior design junkie like me, you’ll know that the mid-century trend has been kicking around for a while now, and shows no signs of abating. The uber-swanky set and styling of ‘Mad Men’ has surely added fuel to the mid-century fire. Get the scoop on all the mid-century design classics in Don Draper’s office from this article on The Mid-Century Modernist. Swoon!


Don's dreamy office

Mid-century pieces seem to be popping up in interior design mags and blogs all the time. If you want an education in what to be looking for, you could do worse than checking out The Brick House, where blogger Morgan documents her home renovation projects and obsession with all things mid-century.


Mix it up to avoid living in a time warp

If you’re keen to try the trend, don’t think you need to do top-to-bottom mid-century like Don Draper’s office (you do want to live in the 21st Century, right?). Try introducing a few mid-century design classics teamed with more contemporary pieces for sophisticated style. The image above is from this Sneak Peak on Design*Sponge, illustrating the mix-it-up approach perfectly.