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Going for gold

August 10, 2012

Trend predictors can foretell our looks, tastes and spending habits (or so they tell us) but every now and then unpredictable things happen to change their best-laid plans. In the early ’60s The Beatles suddenly appeared and music changed forever. In the ’70s Dallas became a TV hit overnight so everyone (except me) suddenly sported power-dressing shoulder pads. In the same era, princess Di came onto the scene and the world (and his wife) went for that flicky-under hairstyle fad. Right now we’re winning a stackful of golds so I hardly need to point out what the next colour trend in interiors will be. But don’t take this as gospel…

Seán O

The midas touch…


Devoted to dining room

July 9, 2012

For everyday purposes I can take or leave the dining room. After all, in this age of kitchen-diners, we don’t tend to create a special space for this function any more, do we? You know what I mean, the kind of place that would get a dusting down just for Sunday lunch, or if the relations paid an unexpected visit (heaven forbid…). But if you’ve got a special occasion I’m not against a grand setting such as this home that is a former church. Chance would be a fine thing…

Seán O

Dine in style…

The holidays are coming…

November 16, 2011

I couldn’t be more excited that Christmas is coming and I’ve already started thinking about how best to decorate each of my rooms. Today I stumbled across this cosy Christmas retreat, which I think is an excellent way of showing what can be done with a setting. Traditional, warm and elegant, all at once. Even the tinsel suits the setting, wrapped around the large candelabra, with matching candles on the table. My favourite part of the room? The gorgeous chest full of drawers at the back left. What are you planning for your Christmas table this year? Any ideas for decorating your rooms? Let us know…


Cosy conservatory

August 5, 2011

Not so much room envy as ‘conservatory‘ envy, what don’t I love about this space? From the stable-style door to the bare brick on the wall, this dining area screams relaxing, comfortable conservatory chic.  The glass vaulted roof ensures it’s nice and light and a palette of cream and green makes it easy on the eye.

Would I like this room? You betcha!

Do you have a conservatory that you’ve decorated to ’25 Beautiful Homes’ standard? If so, tell us what you’ve done and how it compares with this picture.


Losing my religion?

July 15, 2011

Pull up a pew (excuse the pun) and take a look at this regal-looking dining room, part of a glamorous converted church. Just imagine for one minute, that this is your home, and you’re welcoming your friends and family in. Light floods through the original stained-glass windows and a large bespoke table caters happily for dinner guests.

This may not be your average dining room, but if there was ever a room to envy, this is it. I love the ornate backs on the velvet-upholstered chairs, and the antique grandfather clock that adds to the regal presence of the room. The furniture has been kept traditional, with a nod to the age of the church – it just goes to show that a period property doesn’t always look better filled with modern pieces.

Do you love or loathe this scheme? Would you like to live in a converted church and if so, how would you decorate it? We’d love to hear your suggestions…




Très chic kitchen

July 13, 2011

Oh, I want it! So pretty, so quaint – a little slice of Paris in your own home. When I look at this room, I’m transported to a 1930s street cafe with Poirot sitting in the corner twiddling his moustache and solving mysteries (ok, maybe not…)

Normally, I find monochrome too dull, too boring, but this simple kitchen-diner proves me wrong. For me, the cute check curtains and leaded windows lift this room from ordinary to extraordinary, without being over the top. And, just in case I can’t quite shake free of my fixation with colour, a quick lick of paint on the window frames, picture rail, maybe the chairs, and some new cushions (I’m thinking a deep wine red…) and hey presto – you’ve got yourself a whole new room. Emily

2010 Room Awards – woo!

January 11, 2011

2010 was a great year for home decorating and DIY. Like you, we loved the return of classic retro prints, high-tech printed wallpaper and new ways to be eco friendly and chic.

To kick-start the 2010 Room Awards we’re starting with the Best Kitchen of 2010, which is this brilliant family kitchen.

Best kitchen of 2010 | Kitchen awards for 2010 | Family kitchen-diner | Room Envy

The perfect kitchen-diner; it's a kitchen and a diner!

Why it wins? Aside from the big chalkboard – great for shopping lists and a drawing space for kids – small kitchen-diners that give the allusion of space can be tricky.

Often kitchen-diners can look like the furniture of a giant has been squeezed into the kitchen of someone from Lilliput; and the overall look can be cluttered and uncomfortable – you can’t image making a cup of tea, let alone a family meal. Or a poorly designed kitchen-diner can give the impression that the designer has rifled though the space-saving section of Lakeland and bought all the stock.

But look at the beauty of this kitchen-diner: the pastel colours – a nod to cute retro styling, and clean, functional furniture. You just know that when the kids’ have gone to bed the adults crack open a few bottles of vino, light some candles and have a delicious meal, and perhaps a adult game of Catchphrase on the chalkboard. Can we come to dinner please?

Do you love this? Tell us what was your fave kitchen of 2010?

Create a country-style Christmas dining table

December 1, 2010

I love this idea-packed Christmas decorating video. This is exactly the sort of Christmas dining table look I want to achieve this year. It’s smart, elegant and has just enough country-style chic to make Christmas lunch as warm and cosy as it is filling!

Watch on for fantastic tips on jazzing up your Christmas dining table.

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Lunchtime lust: Scandi chic

November 16, 2010

Cool in summer, cooler still in winter, Scandi chic (and it’s closest pal, ski-chalet style) appeal to our classic home instints. Sometimes embracing the less-is-more mantra, with simplistic pared-back design and at others going all-out on striking pattern from wallpapers to soft furnishings, you can never accuse the Scandinavians of being boring. Quirky, yes (see the crazy winter advertising campaigns from Ikea) but dull, never.

Lusting this lunchtime comes courtesy of Ideal Home, and starts with a POW-factor moment…

Scandi chic - Ideal Home - roomenvy

Scandi chic - Ideal Home - roomenvy

You say pattern, I say wow! Pattern! Wow! Enough of that… A bold blue-based floral wallpaper adds depth to this space, while the lively mix-n-match printed cushions lift the inky-blue mood.

Scandi chic - Ideal Home - roomenvy

Scandi chic - Ideal Home - roomenvy

Bleached wooden floorboards, metal Tolix chairs updated with graphic-print seat pads, ice-white gloss kitchen… one wintry wonderland. I think I have created a kitchen shopping list, in a picture.

Scandi chic - Ideal Home - roomenvy

Scandi chic - Ideal Home - roomenvy

Looking for fun and functional hallway decorating ideas? A sky-blue cabinet by the front door hides shoes, while a full-length modern floral curtain keeps draughts at bay.

Scandi chic - Ideal Home - roomenvy

Scandi chic - Ideal Home - roomenvy

Clean up a bathroom with water-inspired painted surfaces, plain-white tiling and a countertop ceramic sink. Enamel details and a painted wooden stool (for child-friendly sink access) are the perfect finishing touches.

If you want to transform your house into a modern winter palace, like this, find more inspiration at

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Update your dining room on a budget

October 29, 2010

Are you facing the panic of realising that the other night over a glass of wine you gleefully invited the ENTIRE family over for Christmas?? Well check out these fab ideas to give your dining room a makeover on a tight budget. No one will no the difference! We asked HomeShoppingSpy‘s shopping guru Ellie for her top tips!

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