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2010 Room Awards – woo!

January 11, 2011

2010 was a great year for home decorating and DIY. Like you, we loved the return of classic retro prints, high-tech printed wallpaper and new ways to be eco friendly and chic.

To kick-start the 2010 Room Awards we’re starting with the Best Kitchen of 2010, which is this brilliant family kitchen.

Best kitchen of 2010 | Kitchen awards for 2010 | Family kitchen-diner | Room Envy

The perfect kitchen-diner; it's a kitchen and a diner!

Why it wins? Aside from the big chalkboard – great for shopping lists and a drawing space for kids – small kitchen-diners that give the allusion of space can be tricky.

Often kitchen-diners can look like the furniture of a giant has been squeezed into the kitchen of someone from Lilliput; and the overall look can be cluttered and uncomfortable – you can’t image making a cup of tea, let alone a family meal. Or a poorly designed kitchen-diner can give the impression that the designer has rifled though the space-saving section of Lakeland and bought all the stock.

But look at the beauty of this kitchen-diner: the pastel colours – a nod to cute retro styling, and clean, functional furniture. You just know that when the kids’ have gone to bed the adults crack open a few bottles of vino, light some candles and have a delicious meal, and perhaps a adult game of Catchphrase on the chalkboard. Can we come to dinner please?

Do you love this? Tell us what was your fave kitchen of 2010?

Anyone planning a kitchen extension?

January 5, 2011

It’s January and despite my tiny galley kitchen holding up during the festive season – although it almost BUCKLED under the weight of a Christmas meal! A new kitchen is top of the list for my new year DIY projects. Of course, space and money are my two main problems, but hey, I can dream! Here are my top 5 kitchen extensions.

No.1: I love this open-plan kitchen extension with a huge skylight window. It’s great if you want to dine under the stars, have breakfast with the morning light streaming in, or just a useful practical feature if you need to let out some steam.

kitchen extension | kitchen designs | kitchen-diner | Roomenvy

Planning a new extension? I pick my top 5

No. 2: Making the best use of a small space, this modern kitchen extension is compact, but still manages to fit in all you need for family kitchen.

Small kitchen extension | Space-saving kitchen extension | Modern kitchen extension

The perfect space-saving kitchen extension

No.3: Hands up who hasn’t dreamt of a cute and cosy country kitchen? This country-style kitchen extension keeps all the charm of a traditional kitchen and doesn’t look like an extension at all.

Country-style kitchen | kitchen extension | Best country-style kitchen extension

Rustic styling can still be achieved with a kitchen extension

No. 4: Country-styling with a modern twist, I love this kitchen extension. I think the dove-grey cupboards with the natural wood work surfaces look gorgeous – and the large glass doors at the end of the room ensure that you still have plenty of light.

Country-style kitchen extension | Modern country-style kitchen

A combination of modern colours and rustic design

No.5: I had completely forgot about the basement being a good space for a kitchen extension, until I saw this picture – totally inspirational!

Basement kitchen | Basement kitchen extension

Basements can be a great space for a kitchen extension

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