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Feature wall with flair

May 28, 2012

When it comes to decor I’m simple-minded, if you get my meaning. I’m not one for fuss, but I still admire those who can put together lots of ideas and make it work as a whole. Take a look at this detail with its feature wall and oriental console table, around which there’s all manner of vintage accessories with a vase of understated flowers at its heart. Surely it shouldn’t work, but it does!

Seán O

Pretty as a picture…

Feature walls – who doesn’t love ’em?

April 23, 2012

When is a feature wall not a feature wall? I guess it’s when its not screaming out ‘Look at me!’  Just looking through 25BHs latest gallery of feature walls, they come in all manner of styles and they’re not all in your face. But whether you’re using a wacky wallpaper for that wow factor when you enter a room or just want to add a different paint colour to make a room less samey, they all make a statement.
Seán O 

Delightful dining

February 13, 2012

I love a large dining room, but it seems that having a separate space dedicated purely to eating and entertaining, is something of a luxury these days. With open-plan spaces and island units with breakfast bars on the rise, could it be that dining rooms will soon be extinct?

While we mull that over, here’s a few of my favourite dining designs…

A dramatic feature wall makes for a striking scheme



Set within a conservatory, this room benefits from lots of light


Bright, bold and modern, this vibrant design really makes a statement


A wow-factor light fitting and quirky accessories add interest. Oh, and have you noticed the wine store in the corner, conveniently to hand?

Which is your favourite?


Hall of fame

July 22, 2011

I have a dining room with an under-stairs alcove, that I’ve been wondering what to do with for a while – we’ve eventually decided to put a sideboard there and use it as a bar-type area, complete with drinks tray and swish glasses. It can be an awkward space to decorate though, which is why I thought this hallway space, below, is my ‘room of envy’ this week.

Stencilled leaves trailing down the wall in that under-stairs alcove make a great alternative to plain paint or wallpaper, and the chair isn’t just decorative but practical too – there’s times we all need to sit down to tie laces/take shoes off, etc.

The pillar at the left corner of the picture adds a Grecian-style touch to the space, and it’s a great way of showing what can be done with a small, awkward area the size of a postage stamp!


Feature wall envy

May 2, 2011

One more from Lucy’s style blog – we love this feature wall with a show-stopping display of framed art. The television blends in almost seamlessly, which is quite a neat trick!

feature wall art display

Fabulous framing

The lovely image is from design blog The Design Files. Add it to your growing list of interior design blogs, including Lucy Likes It and Housetohome, and you shall never want for interior inspiration again…

Lunchtime lust: Bird wallpaper

February 1, 2011

Tweet tweet! Looks like the trend for featuring birds on absolutely everything home-related during 2010 isn’t going anywhere soon if these gorgeous avian wallpaper designs are anything to go by. I have to admit, I am partial to a bird-related design, and I’m especially loving this patriotic sparrow and Union Jack design that was featured on this week. Perfect for adding a touch of cool Britannica to a home office perhaps?

Sparrow and flag wallpaper design | housetohome | gallery

Birds of a Feather wallpaper from B&Q

Best of all, it’s a bargainous £19.98 per roll from B&Q . Amazing. I love the way it sets off the darker wood accents in this cosy country farm-style living room….

Country style living room with bird wallpaper

Love the way this tweet-tacular wallpaper's been used here...

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional you don’t have to discount this trend altogether – as demonstrated by this timeless Laura Ashley design. Country floral? Check. Classic Eau de Nil shade? Check. Super – subtle bird design? Check.

Floral wallpaper | Bird wallpapers | Wallpaper | Wallpaper ideas | Birds | PHOTO GALLERY | Housetohome Summer Palace wallpaper from Laura Ashley

Summer Palace wallpaper from Laura Ashley, £17.64 a roll.

Obviously a whole room in this design may be a little too OTT (and an entire room in this design may be akin to being trapped in a Wedgwood-esque nightmare) but in a country-style kitchen I think it would work well. What a hoot!

Bedroom wallpaper ideas

September 6, 2010

Want to know how to create the ultimate hotel-style bedroom? Why not find inspiration in a … boutique hotel! Ok, maybe it’s a little bit sneaky, but I love how glamorous this swanky Irish hotel room is – and it couldn’t be easier to recreate the look.

1) Go for a bold bedroom wallpaper. Dark wallpaper is a surefire way to add drama, and you can always create a feature wall if you think papering all four walls will scare both your husband and yourself!

2) Grab plenty of plush cushions. Pile on the luxury with a row of cushions on a rich damask pattern.

3) Choose an oversized headboard. Make your bed the focal point with a huge headbaord that picks up one of the colours in your wallpaper.

4) Finish off the look with a stylish bed runner. A luxurious runner perks up plain white bedlinen – and it can be changed with the seasons for a speedy update.

Top tip: convince your other half you need to do ‘interior design research’ by booking into The Twelve in Galway, Ireland – it looks gorgeous … hint, hint.

roomenvy - bedroom wallpaper ideas the hotel-chic way!

roomenvy - bedroom wallpaper ideas the hotel-chic way!

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Bird wallpaper – the good, the bad and the ugly

July 29, 2010

It’s official, I’m completely torn by bird wallpapers. In some ways I find them adorable and the perfect finishing touch to a country-style scheme – especially a pretty little guest bedroom. However, in other ways I find them … well … quite frightening actually. The antique bird or retro bird ‘look’ just isn’t for me.

Here’s how far by bird wallpaper love goes…

The good – cute, country and destined for a guest bedroom, this simple bird wallpaper adds a welcoming touch.

roomenvy - bird wallpaper design

roomenvy - bird wallpaper design

The bad – hmmmmmm, a retro bird feature wall isn’t for me, but I’d certainly give this Seventies-inspired print marks for an eye-catching focal point.

roomenvy - bird wallpaper design

roomenvy - bird wallpaper design

The ugly – this is decorating hell for me. Too many birds, too many antiques, I would feel like I was on a period drama set, not my actual living room!

roomenvy - bird wallpaper design

roomenvy - bird wallpaper design

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Fab wallpapers! – the utterly fab kind!

June 29, 2010

I LOVE the new wallpapers from Tesco’s new range. We headed to their autumn/winter press show and were utterly WOWed by their high-impact, low-cost designs, the perfect ‘too much money spent of Pimm’s’ summer decorating remedy!

Tired (literally) of baking hot sleepness nights, I’m looking to give my bedroom a cooler, summer twist, and these wallpapers are perfect for the job … and will look just as at home when I’m shivering over winter.

Here’s a sneak peak at the new range (is it wrong that I actually like the mix of samples feature wall??)

roomenvy - bedroom wallpaper ideas

roomenvy - bedroom wallpaper ideas

Ooooh and here’s my most LUST-WORTHY wallpaper design of the week.

roomenvy - feature wallpaper bedroom

roomenvy - feature wallpaper bedroom


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Quirky patterned wallpapers

April 23, 2010

I’ve decided that today is wallpaper day! The funky modern designs from Apartment Therapy are adding even more sunshine to my mornin – especially the retro dining room today.

I’m really excited about Housetohome’s lunchtime wallpaper webchat today at 1pm. Wallpaper guru Melanie Adams from Wallpaperdirect will be sharing her expert tips and advice, and I’m getting my questions ready as we speak. Hopefully see you there!

roomenvy - funky wallpaper dining room

roomenvy - funky wallpaper dining room

roomenvy - children's room owl wallpaper

roomenvy - children's room owl wallpaper

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