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Back in the habit(at)

May 11, 2012

I’m still mourning the closing down of our local Habitat store a few years back, but good news – this famous brand is going to have a presence in Homebase from mid-July. And judging by the furniture on display at last night’s Autumn/Winter ’12 press show, strong design is top of the list. Watch out for the mix-and-match wood modular units (seen in this snapshot).

Modular mix and match…

Creating a home with a heart…

April 30, 2012

I hate clutter and unnecessary things (what are cushions for, exactly?) and already having a sofa and two decent-sized chairs I was slightly resistant to buying an extra sofa. But a couple of months back my wife persuaded me that a 33% sale at Laura Ashley couldn’t go ignored. Having friends round at the weekend made me glad I succumbed – what a lovely thing to have everyone gathered round, with a real fire as the focal point. Yep, I’m going on about the fire again but the winds tore down two big branches of the massive firry, piney type of tree in the front garden, which was just the excuse I needed to get out the axe and start a (rather smoky) fire. Anyway, my point being that in a sitting room, arranging furniture around a focal point gives it a heart and the more inward facing it is, the more sociable it encourages us to be.

Seán O

A room made for conversation...

Sneak autumn/winter preview…

April 20, 2012

The Autumn/Winter ’12 shows are kicking off and yesterday was the Bhs collection. Trends include East Village, Graffiti, and Illuminate but I was most impressed with the Skandi-themed stuff – it’s simply styled but distinctive in looks. And you can rely on good old Bhs to have an original array of lighting, too.

Distinctly Skandi...

Rest awhile, Skandi style

Dining stuff that’s good enough to eat

Mad about mid-century

May 20, 2011

If you’re an interior design junkie like me, you’ll know that the mid-century trend has been kicking around for a while now, and shows no signs of abating. The uber-swanky set and styling of ‘Mad Men’ has surely added fuel to the mid-century fire. Get the scoop on all the mid-century design classics in Don Draper’s office from this article on The Mid-Century Modernist. Swoon!


Don's dreamy office

Mid-century pieces seem to be popping up in interior design mags and blogs all the time. If you want an education in what to be looking for, you could do worse than checking out The Brick House, where blogger Morgan documents her home renovation projects and obsession with all things mid-century.


Mix it up to avoid living in a time warp

If you’re keen to try the trend, don’t think you need to do top-to-bottom mid-century like Don Draper’s office (you do want to live in the 21st Century, right?). Try introducing a few mid-century design classics teamed with more contemporary pieces for sophisticated style. The image above is from this Sneak Peak on Design*Sponge, illustrating the mix-it-up approach perfectly.

Latest living room looks

May 13, 2011

I know, I am really overdoing the alliteration on the blog post titles… I can’t help myself! Ahem, moving right along. Where was I? Oh yes, living room looks. This gallery of modern living room ideas is right on the money! So many great looks that are totally ‘now’ and yet not so trendy as to need redecorating in a few years time. Midnight blue ikat print rug? Don’t mind if I do!

blue ikat rug living room

Ikat stop thinking about this rug...

Nothing like drooling over a few delicious interiors for some light Friday entertainment! Happy weekend, folks!

A cuter bedroom decorating idea?

April 12, 2011

GAH! I can’t decide between this beautiful vintage bedroom and yesterday’s cute-as-pie guest bedroom?? What do you guys think?

Check out this photo gallery of 5 steps to a vintage-style bedroom

My favourite idea has to be the lace wall stencil and jewellery display! Never has buying new jewellery been so justifiable in the interior design style stakes!

Vintage bedroom decorating idea

Sweeter than thou bedroom!

The cutest bedroom decorating idea…

April 11, 2011

Ok, it’s a bit of a toss up between this and another gorgeous look actually, the other one I’ll save for tomorrow… (what? I’ve got to keep some mystery!?) Anyway, inspired by my poor excuse for a hotel-style guest bedroom retreat (ahem… think ‘sofa bed’) I’ve been taking notes from Housetohome’s latest spring decorating idea – 5 steps to a pretty guest bedroom.

Follow the link to their 5 easy bedroom decorating ideas… Enjoy!

Guest bedroom decorating ideas for summer

I heart pretty summer bedroom style!

Summer of Love: 3 best hallway ideas

September 9, 2010

OK, so onward with my summer favourites! Hmmmmm, let’s start with sexy hallway ideas. I’ve been browsing the web daily for inspiration for my hallway ever since I decided to buy my house!

Here are my top 3 hallway ideas of the summer…

1) Casual hallway seating. I love the thought of my friends and family (travelling MILES to visit me, of course!!) slumping down into a cosy haven as soon as they get through the door!

roomenvy - floral seating hallway idea

roomenvy - floral seating hallway idea

2) Update a white staircase. I fell in love with the rainbow bannisters, what a great (and, most importantly, inexpensive) way to update a neutral space.

roomenvy - colourfully painted hallway staircase

roomenvy - colourfully painted hallway staircase

3) A touch of good ol’ coastal style. Summer wouldn’t be summer without at least one seaside-inspired decorating scheme to wow me. I love this hallway idea, especially the personalised memo boards for each member of the family.

roomenvy - coastal-style hallway

roomenvy - coastal-style hallway

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Hallway ideas – make an eye-popping entrance

September 7, 2010

Looking to glam up your hallway? Those decorating gurus at Homes & Gardens have come up with some fantastic high-impact, low-effort ways to transform your hallway whether you update the walls or the floors!

Check out this video for hallway decorating inspiration

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Hallway decorating ideas for every style

July 30, 2010

So are you a modern, traditional or country decorator? Or a mix of all three? Housetohome are doing a series of ’10 of the best’ photo galleries for every room and EVERY style, so you can browse through everything from the best country bathrooms to the best modern children’s rooms. I when inspiration falls into my toast-crumbed LAP!

Today is hallway decorating day! I’ve flicked through their galleries and STOLEN by favourite idea (feel a touch guilty!)

Modern hallway – I love the sleek glass staircase and graphic print rug.

roomenvy - graphic modern hallway

roomenvy - graphic modern hallway

Country hallway – a hallway with a LIVING ROOM where the coatstand should be, has to get my vote!

roomenvy - white country hallway

roomenvy - white country hallway

Traditional hallway – smart and sophisticated, this hallway makes a grand ol’ entrance.

roomenvy - smart traditional hallway

roomenvy - smart traditional hallway

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