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Not just for little ones!

May 15, 2011

Whether or not you are on the hunt for children’s decorating ideas, you’ve gotta admit this stripey wallpapered ceiling is seriously cool.

childrens bedroom striped ceiling

Now that's one lucky kid!

I could totally rock this look just about anywhere, living room, bathroom, kitchen…I’m getting carried away here. However, if you actually ARE looking for children’s room decorating ideas, and lots of you will be, there’s plenty on the Housetohome site to get you started! Maybe there’ll be some more genius ideas for my en-suite…

Latest living room looks

May 13, 2011

I know, I am really overdoing the alliteration on the blog post titles… I can’t help myself! Ahem, moving right along. Where was I? Oh yes, living room looks. This gallery of modern living room ideas is right on the money! So many great looks that are totally ‘now’ and yet not so trendy as to need redecorating in a few years time. Midnight blue ikat print rug? Don’t mind if I do!

blue ikat rug living room

Ikat stop thinking about this rug...

Nothing like drooling over a few delicious interiors for some light Friday entertainment! Happy weekend, folks!

Friday’s Fetish: Breaking the rules!

January 7, 2011

If like me, you’re already fed up with new year resolutions and good intentions, then a little chic rule breaking is in order…

I can’t be bothered to detox – I don’t like the headaches – and forget all that clearing out the clutter, this year, I’m embracing it! You see, chucking out the rulebook and going against the grain is liberating. Which is why I HAVE to share with you these little gems of inspiration I saw in the January edition of Livingetc.

Bedroom with bright pinks, oranges and yellow | Bedroom decorating ideas | Room Envy

Never clash bright colours? No-way!

Bring on the brights! Sunshine shades of yellow, orange and fuchsia sings when used in blocks – not patterned – and is calmed with pale grey flooring, the odd black accent and natural wood and stone accessories.

Kitchen-diner with blue walls | Blue and green kitchen-diner | Kitchen decorating ideas | Room Envy

Brilliant blue and gorgeous green

Hmm, blue and green should never be seen, goes the maxim, but check out this picture! Drama, style and the perfect mix of contemporary traditional accessories make this dining room so inviting – anyone for a cuppa?

Lounge with dark grey paint and bold Toile-print wallpaper | Living room with workspace | Room Envy

Line drawing

Who says a fireplace defines a room? It doesn’t have to be the focal point – so passé! And zoning doesn’t have to be ordered either. I love the way this room is broken up with an off-centre charcoal grey – to define a work zone – and a totally contrasting bold Toile print for relaxing.

And what’s more, all this rule breaking is soooo on-trend for S/S 2011: bright blues and greens on eyes were all over the catwalk and clashing colour-block patterns and designs were also a major feature of all the big runway shows.

Lunchtime Lust: decorating with grape purples

November 29, 2010

… well it is the time for mulled wine after all! I love this decorating idea from Ideal Home, it’s all about being inspired by fruity red-wine colours and creating a deliciously decadent room to wow your guests this Christmas.

Make a wall hanging to create a backdrop… or to hide an ugly feature. Use mismatched dining chairs to create an eclectic look, but make sure they’re all in the same colour and material.

dining room | dining room design | decorating ideas | Ideal Home | Roomenvy

Create a luxurious dining room by decorating with rich purple

Mix shades of deep purple for a sexy and sophisticated living room, but add liquorice-black accents to keep the scheme grounded.

living room | living room design | decorating ideas | Ideal Home | Roomenvy

Create a formal living room to wow your guests this Christmas

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Declutter an open-plan room in 5 steps

November 26, 2010

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I’m resisting the urge to plummet into all things Christmas decorating ideas for as long as possible. In the meantime, I’m gnawing on other fab ideas in the hope they might distract me from the constant sparkle of the Christmas trends I’ve seen this year! Hi, my name’s Jenny and I’m a Christmas decorating addict.

Here’s how to organise an open-plan space in 5 steps:

1) Invest in a modular cube-unit system. Stack them high to maximise upward space or position side-by-side to create an extra worksurface.

2) Zone with a divider. A shelving unit on casters is a practical way to divide an open-plan space into a living and dining area.

3) Use the walls. Avoid day-to-day mess such as discarded magazines, papers and post, keys and pens by fixing up storage on unused wall space.

4) Add small storage. For an easy way to set the table and quickly clear it away afterwards, use a caddy or basket for condiments and cutlery.

5) Give old chairs new purpoese. Reclaimed chapel chairs have a handy box on the back that’s ideal for keeping napkins, place mats, coasters and trivets at the ready for mealtimes.

open-plan space | living room | dining room | Ideal Hoem | Roomenvy

How to organise an open-plan living room cum dining room

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Shop Envy: Caravan Style

November 24, 2010

How come it’s only homes interiors that get all the credit, when the pretty shops that sell us all these wonderful homes products are just as show-stopping. I’m starting a little ‘shop envy’ series, scouting for the high street for those cosy shops you’d happily live in.

I’m hunting for the most eye-catching shop in London, so feel free to send over any shops that have caught your eye! That’s right, I’m encouraging you to go shopping for decorating research purposes!!

Let’s kick things off with the ultra homely and welcoming Caravan on London’s Redchurch Street. Complete with modern country accessories and the friendliest cat in the world, Stylist Emily Chalmers has created a cosy space with an eclectic feel to it.

hallway decorating ideas | decorating ideas | caravan style | modern country decorating

Modern country hallway decorating idea with colourful accessories and soft furnishings

decorating ideas | caravan style | interior design | modern country

Eclectic modern country decorating ideas from London boutique shop, Caravan

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Lunchtime Lust: Sexy and swanky stripes

November 24, 2010

I’m finding myself teetering on the edge of a very steep Christmas cliff at the moment, a mere breath away from plummeting into a world of Christmas decorations, ideas, gift ideas and festive Crafts… so why I’ve still got my balance, I thought I’d continue with some general (albeit it absolutely stunning decorating schemes).

I love these luxurious decorating schemes from Homes & Gardens, they show just how stripes offer the perfect way to make a stylish statement.

An elegant wallpaper with wide horizontal stripes will give a living room the illusion of width.

stripes living room room | living room decorating ideas | Homes & Gardens

Smart and sophisticated living room with wide stripes wallpaper

Use plain linen for both walls, curtains and pelmet, then embellish with wide bands of different coloured velvet ribbon.

stripes dining room | dining room decorating ideas | Homes & Gardens

Elegant dining room with striped wallpaper and upholstery

Choosing an ebullient mix of stripes in one bright hue will create an uplifting and welcoming mood.

red bedroom | bedroom design ideas | Homes & Gardens

Red twin bedroom with candy cane striped bedlinen and upholstery

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Chinese whispers: Oriental decorating trends

November 18, 2010

This may be an unofficial trend, but I’ve noticed a lot of Chinoiserie and Japonica on the home decorating front recently. Far more elegant than my usual Oriental tastes (such as late-night Chinese takeaways, and laughing at Japanese B-movies) this style always looks, well, beautiful. It’s certainly got timeless appeal (unlike my aforementioned far-eastern passtimes).

roomenvy - Oriental-influenced bedroom

roomenvy - Oriental-influenced bedroom

Jade green soft furnishings, black lacquered Chinese cabinets, a minimalistic four-poster and lashings of white – this bedroom look is crisp, clean and modern.

roomenvy - hand-painted Chinese wallpaper

roomenvy - hand-painted Chinese wallpaper

Inspired by nature, this opulent dressing room with its hand-painted wallpaper makes me want to get all dressed up and head to the opera… to see Madame Butterfly! Dark wood, a gilt-edged mirror and that amazing shade of jade. Homes & Gardens has literally turned me green with envy.

roomenvy - Modern Oriental bedroom

roomenvy - Modern Oriental bedroom

Even when it’s pared-down, the embroidered cherry blossom motif on this Pied a Terre bed linen from House of Fraser endows this bedroom with pure sophistication. Shuttered windows, vibrant silk cushions, fan detailing… I’m all a-flutter!

While I’m recovering from my latest bout of design lust, you can find more decorating trends and inspiration at Housetohome

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Spring decorating trend: Orange blossoms

November 17, 2010

I never thought I’d see the day when I calmly said, ‘Hey folks, guess what the hot colour for Spring/ Summer is? Orange.’ But now that day has arrived, and I tell you, the sun-drenched shade is going to be big news for decorators in 2011.

Don’t be scared. Just think of all the good things that come in this citrus hue – Florida oranges, vitamin C, sunshine (sort of), flowers, Reese’s pieces, fake tan.. oh, wait, rewind on that one. The point is, orange objects inspire happy thoughts, so let’s try to embrace the warmth. Just take a look…

Hot House range - Laura Ashley - roomenvy

Hot House range - Laura Ashley - roomenvy

Toned down in a more muted shade of naranja, Laura Ashley’s Hortense Zinnia print (featured on wallpaper, fabric and even pendant shades in the Hot House range) has a lovely retro vibe.

Tangerine range - Bhs - roomenvy

Tangerine range - Bhs - roomenvy

Full on, fluoro, and mixing futuristic with florals, Bhs teamed its statement-making Tangerine range with black and white accents for a true colour impact. This one’s for the brave amongst you…

Tangerine range lighting - Bhs - roomenvy

Tangerine range lighting - Bhs - roomenvy

If only we didn’t have to have anything else – such as storage – in a hallway! An amazing display of electric-coloured lighting would make life so bright, even if the monthly utilities bill was trebled!

Clean range - H&M Home - roomenvy

Clean range - H&M Home - roomenvy

The new H&M Home range took a similar route, mixing and matching Missoni-esque monochrome prints with a bright and brilliant shade of orange. Their selection of home accents used a richer, red-based shade, making it more workable for the colour-shy.

So, there you have it. Orange is in. Just don’t go overboard, as we’ll know when you’ve been tangoed!

If that’s just whet your appetite for juicy shades and forward-thinking design, find more inspiration and Spring/Summer 2011 decorating trends at

Lunchtime lust: Scandi chic

November 16, 2010

Cool in summer, cooler still in winter, Scandi chic (and it’s closest pal, ski-chalet style) appeal to our classic home instints. Sometimes embracing the less-is-more mantra, with simplistic pared-back design and at others going all-out on striking pattern from wallpapers to soft furnishings, you can never accuse the Scandinavians of being boring. Quirky, yes (see the crazy winter advertising campaigns from Ikea) but dull, never.

Lusting this lunchtime comes courtesy of Ideal Home, and starts with a POW-factor moment…

Scandi chic - Ideal Home - roomenvy

Scandi chic - Ideal Home - roomenvy

You say pattern, I say wow! Pattern! Wow! Enough of that… A bold blue-based floral wallpaper adds depth to this space, while the lively mix-n-match printed cushions lift the inky-blue mood.

Scandi chic - Ideal Home - roomenvy

Scandi chic - Ideal Home - roomenvy

Bleached wooden floorboards, metal Tolix chairs updated with graphic-print seat pads, ice-white gloss kitchen… one wintry wonderland. I think I have created a kitchen shopping list, in a picture.

Scandi chic - Ideal Home - roomenvy

Scandi chic - Ideal Home - roomenvy

Looking for fun and functional hallway decorating ideas? A sky-blue cabinet by the front door hides shoes, while a full-length modern floral curtain keeps draughts at bay.

Scandi chic - Ideal Home - roomenvy

Scandi chic - Ideal Home - roomenvy

Clean up a bathroom with water-inspired painted surfaces, plain-white tiling and a countertop ceramic sink. Enamel details and a painted wooden stool (for child-friendly sink access) are the perfect finishing touches.

If you want to transform your house into a modern winter palace, like this, find more inspiration at

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