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Christmas trees – the good, the bad, the UGLY!

December 7, 2010

Anyone walking past my desk this afternoon would have thought I was having a webchat with a clown and a murderer at the same time! You see, I’ve been searching the web for Christmas tree decorating ideas, and while some of them filled me with festive joy, other so-called ‘best designs’ were enough to make a grown woman/decorating addict weep!

The good Christmas tree

Although I’d like a fuller tree (this one looks like it’s going to get frost-bite!), I adore the cute vintage decorations and homespun style. You can pick up everything for this look at John Lewis.

roomenvy - nostalgic Christmas tree

roomenvy - nostalgic Christmas tree

The bad Christmas tree

Although I’m a fan of all things ‘weird and wonderful’ I’m just not convinced by this alternative Christmas tree. I’m with Casa Sugar on this one, it’s just not … well … Christmassy?

roomenvy - alternative Christmas tree

roomenvy - alternative Christmas tree

The ugly Christmas tree

Oh my! This is what happens when bad Christmas decorations happen to good trees. I’m sure it works for some people, but do those people have a Lion, a Witch and also a Wardrobe??

roomenvy - scary Christmas tree

roomenvy - scary Christmas tree

p.s Is that actually a STONE HEAD in the middle of this tree? (or am I seeing a ghost?)

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Christmas tree decorating ideas

November 16, 2009

Check out this new video from housetohome on how to decorate a Christmas tree.

It’s got some great (nice and easy) ways to create the perfect look without breaking the bankĀ  – which, in a time where the my bank balance is starting to get nervous at the sight of my Christmas shopping list, suits me down to a tea!

24 days until Christmas tree time!

November 12, 2009

Not that i’m counting or anything? There’s nothing more festive about decorating your Christmas tree. I find it surprisingly relaxing – especially since I don’t have to watch my parents drag out my kindergarden attempts at ‘homespun decorations’ anymore!

I’ve been busy filming one of Homes & Gardens‘ top stylists, Melanie Molesworth, putting together the perfect Christmas tree – and stealing all of her style tips (muuh ah ah!!)

I’ll pop it up as soon as possible, for those who want to get shopping for those all-important Christmas tree decorations, but have a look at the finished result – it’s just so glam!

roomenvy - 'lust-worthy' contemporary Christmas tree

roomenvy - 'lust-worthy' contemporary Christmas tree