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The ultimate personalised kitchen

April 6, 2010

Oak kitchen doors? White gloss cabinetry, PAH! What if someone (aka Magnet) told you that you could print any image onto your kitchen cabinet doors! I know, I know, your gut instinct would be to demand a giant picture of Brad Pitt I’m sure, but for those of you wanting to be a bit kinder to your husbands, why not go for a picture of your kids, or your favourite food? … the possibilities are endless!

True, it might be a bit modern or a bit too quirky for everyone, but you’ve got to admit they’re a lot of fun.

roomenvy - sleek modern kitchen

roomenvy - sleek modern kitchen

Now I know there are PLENTY of self-confessed city batchelors dying to use a print of their most dashing headshot in their kitchen … please don’t.

roomenvy - flower power kitchen

roomenvy - flower power kitchen

And if you simply don’t know which image to go for, why not leave your kitchen in the hands of Magnet’s style-savvy designers? Check out this eye-popping Fiori kitchen.

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Design ideas for small kitchens

February 18, 2010

What can I say? All this lusting after beautiful country-style kitchens has left me determined to update my own. Sure I don’t have beams, traditional features and a polka-dot Emma Bridgewater range cooker (not that I’d turn one away, mind) but that doesn’t mean I can’t make the most of my space – however mini it is!

I just have to leave a butter knife out in my kitchen and it appears cluttered, so my first job is updating my storage. If you’re in the same pickle as me, check out these fantastic clutter-busting layout and storage solutions from housetohome.

The mini kitchen triumphs again!

roomenvy - cute and compact=

roomenvy - cute and compact kitchen

Oooooh and if anyone is looking for some layout solutions for small kitchens, grab a sarnie and join in housetohome’s webchat, next Friday (26th) at 1pm, with the editor of Beautiful Kitchens, Ysanne Brooks.

Not so mellow yellow

March 23, 2009

I can only count five yellow pieces in this dark grey kitchen, but it just goes to show how all you need is a bright accent here, and a bright accent there, and you’ve given your room an instant – not to mention cost-friendly – facelift.

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Modern update

December 31, 2008

I love the country-style look, and this kitchen gives it a fresh modern twist. White-painted cabinets and tongue-and-groove panelling are teamed with black granite worktops and metal handles to create a sophisticated mix of old and new.

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