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Feature wall with flair

May 28, 2012

When it comes to decor I’m simple-minded, if you get my meaning. I’m not one for fuss, but I still admire those who can put together lots of ideas and make it work as a whole. Take a look at this detail with its feature wall and oriental console table, around which there’s all manner of vintage accessories with a vase of understated flowers at its heart. Surely it shouldn’t work, but it does!

Seán O

Pretty as a picture…

Feature walls – who doesn’t love ’em?

April 23, 2012

When is a feature wall not a feature wall? I guess it’s when its not screaming out ‘Look at me!’  Just looking through 25BHs latest gallery of feature walls, they come in all manner of styles and they’re not all in your face. But whether you’re using a wacky wallpaper for that wow factor when you enter a room or just want to add a different paint colour to make a room less samey, they all make a statement.
Seán O